An Entrepreneur’s Alphabet: O is for Off Peak

One of THE greatest joys of working for yourself is being able to do whatever you like, whenever you like.   And to do it at off peak prices and in smaller crowds.

First off, when you begin self-employment, its like being a kid in a candy shop – you are all over the place, no routine, no discipline, no boss = no productivity.   Days go by when you prioritise getting the washing-up done, buying stamps, allowing a friend to drop in, being at the beck and call of people wanting favours who dont really believe you are working because you don’t have a “proper” job.   How very dare they?

But once you have cracked it, and you are making the money you want in the business you love, your time is your own and you can slack off during the day and take advantage of empty supermarkets, swimming pools, shopping malls and so on.   I hug myself with joy when I do any one of those, its a daily reminder of why I go against the tide.

I understand that tide may be turning and shortly more of us will work for ourselves than not.   Bring it on.   Although what will that do to my Off Peak?   Even it out, I suppose.   Oh well, you can’t have it all ways up.   Would I rather have more successful entrepreneurs even if it eats into my off peak benefits?   Yes, do you know, I think I would.

Your Biz Your Way

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