An Entrepreneur’s Alphabet: P is for Pink

Natch.  It’s my favourite colour, its my brand.   One of my colleagues likes to say my life and career really took off when I embraced my inner pinkness and just went all out pink and do you know what?  I think he’s right.   Good noticing, Stu.

Why fight what you are?   And I am pink.

What are you and how could that be your essential brand?   This has something to do with authenticity, doesn’t it.   And being known for who and what you are, being recognisable and memorable.   I am pink!   Did I mention that?

Who are you and how is that reflected in your brand, your business, your life?   What peace and success could come from having them all aligned?

Who are you?   (I’m pink).

You can never have too much pink in the world as the world has, in fact, come to notice over the last decade or so.

Your Biz Your Way

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  1. Lisa says:

    I’m pink too, Judith! My first book was called Think Pink, in fact my whole career is based on all things pink – you’re so right, you can never have too much…For me, it’s positive, it’s fun, it represents self-love and people always respond to my general pink-tinted appearance with a big smile – go us, Miss J!