An Entrepreneur’s Alphabet: Q is for Questions

At the risk of sounding like the old bloke on Reggie Perrin, I didnt get where I am today without asking good questions.   Asking questions does not make you look stupid, it makes you look clever, keen to learn, enthusiastic, involved, a player, an achiever and more.   It gets you noticed by the people you need to be noticed by, your teachers, peers and bosses.   Its one of the best and cheapaest ways of learning and advancement.

I am often in workshops where I intuit there’s a palpably HUGE unasked question in the room.   So I ask it.   I often know the answer to it already, I’m just asking it for you lot who won’t.  

Of course, as a coach, I am trained to ask questions and jolly good fun it is too.   You have to be a good listener though, because your next question needs to come out of your client’s answer not off your list of “Officially Good Questions”.   It has to help your client move forward.   There’s an art to a good question as my colleague Judy Barber would say and she wrote THE definitive book on this topic and I am reliably informed by another of my colleagues who has been coached by Judy that she knows how to ask a damn fine question.

I went looking for a lovely quotation about questions on the web and found this apparently anonymous stonker: “Any man who knows all the answers most likely misunderstood the questions” which seems to me to give us carte blanche to go on asking questions for as long as we remain curious.   I hope I am 110 by the time I lose my curiosity.

What’s the best and/or boldest question you have ever asked?   Do tell…


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