An Entrepreneur’s Alphabet: R is for Rich

Frank De Luca says that “living a rich life means living a heart-felt life marked by joy, ease and satisfaction”.  He da man, that Frank, no idea who he is actually (sorry, Frank) but I found him on the web – where else?   Have you measured your quotients for joy, ease and satisfaction recently?   Go on, do it now, take five minutes while I share a bit more of Frank’s top wisdom with you.

He says there are four sorts of wealth – financial (see more later), intellectual, physical/emotional and spiritual.

My work in the Money Gym mainly concerns financial and Frank’s definition is as follows:

The Merchant: Financial Wealth

It is unlikely that we will live peacefully in this culture unless we seriously address questions of money – how we make it, how much we make, how we manage it, how we keep ahead of inflation, etc. The Merchant part of our lives includes money, our work or career, financial management and planning, as well as our competency in the world. We often identify with this aspect of our lives believing that is all there is.   The central question we need to answer regarding financial wealth is, “How much?” The quality we need to cultivate in this area is integrity.

What do you think?   Is Frank onto something there?   I think he is actually but I am happy to have a debate about it here.   Do leave a comment, or take it up with Frank!

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