An Entrepreneur’s Alphabet: S is for Success

Success.   You comfy with that word?   Me neither, at least I wasn’t for about fifty years!

I realise as I write this piece that I am now, I am reconciled – happy, even – about becoming and being successful.  

I have been driving for it throughout my career and I was happy with the quest for it, although I don’t suppose I expressed it exactly like that.   I just knew I was driven to achieve, to prove something.   And now I realise it was a drive to become successful.  

Although not uber-successful by other’s standards, I realise that by my own I am content.   And who can say more than that?   How fortunate am I?

Now, how can I help you achieve the success you deserve?   What is it that you want?   What would constitute success for you?   My main area of expertise is around business success and wealth creation and although I don’t do much 1-2-1 coaching any more, I do do lots of advice about how to be wealthier and if you are not afraid to put your stick in the sand and stand up and say “I want to be better off” then I am the woman (or one of them) to point you in the right direction?

  • A pension within 10 years, however late you start
  • Living within your means, saving and investing
  • Understanding investment opportunities, loving to learn about new ones, and making investment choices which are right for the entrepreneur you are.
  • Investing in property, often without a mortgage
  • Getting out of debt

If financial success is your desire, or your measure, then let me know how I can help – please ask your questions here or email me if they are too private.

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