An Entrepreneur’s Alphabet: T is for Time

Time is our most precious, finite commodity.   Do you use yours every day like that?   Or are you taking it for granted?

Do you “manage” your time (don’t make me laugh) or are you always short of it?   Have you ever analysed what you spend your time on?   I was an accountant for more than twenty years and we had to fill out timesheets to account, by client, for what we had worked on hour by hour during every working day.   As I write that sentence, the scales fall from my eyes, as I realise what a brilliant discipline that is.   I am not used to analysing my own processes, but it explains how I can pack so much in, that’s years of training not to be inefficient with your employer or client’s time and money.

Do you think you could face up to that harsh reality?   If so, there are a couple of little web applications you may enjoy and a book recommendation or two.

First, the web – which I have used and liked and a recommendation from a trusted colleague is

Second, the books – one of my favourite new ways of looking at time is documented by Timothy Ferris in his Four Hour Workweek and an older favourite is Mark Forster’s Do It Tomorrow.  

One of those resources will definitely work for you.

And you know that biggest thief of your time and mine – as proved definitely at my house by Rescuetime?   No surprises here: email.   Shut it down except 1-3 times a day/week, and get some bloody work done!

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