An Entrepreneur’s Alphabet: V is for Visionboard

I love my Visionboard and I credit it with keeping me in touch with the things I want, the reasons why I do what I do.   It’s not the main way I do that, I feel that’s quite firmly rooted inside me, but externally my office wall looks pretty as I tick off the things I have achieved and update it with the new things I want.

A visionboard can only be a representation the things you want, but hidden in there is the way you want to feel.   My own visionboard is covered in turqoise, the colour of the water on holiday either in the pool or the sea.   The feelings I get when I look at this are warmth (sunshine), cool and refreshing (water), peaceful (I’m on holiday) and free (from the demands of  my “normal”  life) for a short while.   This is my definition of peace, the pursuit of which is my main goal all the time.   I achieve that in lots of little ways every day as well as in big ways, like a month off in the Caribbean already booked for December 2009, and in the meditating on the ultimate goal of months of that at a time in my sunshiny tax-free haven which, right now, is closer than ever.

And when I look at the turqoise pictures I am straight there, without having to go through that thinking, explaining and re-connecting.   So it’s a shortcut to my desires and its often subliminal and ever-present.

I also remember that it was THE most enormous fun to make and that sort of nonsense isnt usually my thing – you know Blue Peter, collage, sticky backed plastic etc.   So, go on… let yourself go and have fun, create your vision, design your future.   These days you can even do it on the desktop of your computer.  

What inspires you on your own journey?

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