An Entrepreneur’s Alphabet: W is for Woo Woo

Woo Woo is my shorthand for all the things we believe in but can’t prove, although with quantum physics they are beginning to now.   I like to call myself The Woo Woo Accountant because it expresses the two sides of me; the pragmatic, logical down to earth 2 + 2= 4 kinda girl, AND the side which is becoming increasingly important to me, the side which recognises how much free help I get from The Universe, call it what you will.

Some of this I actively engage in and study, e.g. EFT (emotional freedom techniques) and some comes unbidden to me.

But the nub of it is what you believe in works.   I believe in EFT so it works, you believe in something else so that works for you.   Or not if you are a non-believer.   But you’ve got to believe in something, right?

The overwhelming body of evidence which just makes me dig deeper and deeper into the metaphysical sides of life comes from being able to observe my own thoughts and feelings and how they connect to what happens in my life, especially with manifestation.   But an even easier spot is what happens when I work with clients and all the “miracles” they phone up and tell me about.   If I had a fiver for every call which begins with “you’ll never guess what happened!”, I’d be a multi-millionaire a lot sooner than I’m going to be anyway.

My best and favouritest of all time is teaching people to throw the dice when we play Cashflow.   The response to this is quite extreme, usually disbelieving because we all know that throwing a dice is random, a game of chance.   Or is it?   At our Money Gym Cashflow evenings, I always suggest that folks might like to focus on where they are going on the board and throw what they need to get there.   Some (most) look at me like I am a mad woman, others are prepared to experiment, still others become expert at this.   They have their own systems – going into a trance, visualising the result they want, zoning out everything else.   No matter their route, so long as they believe it works.   And it does work, the demonstrate that.

Women are known for being into this stuff, from reading tea-leaves onwards.   But when I teach businessmen to do it, I know I’ve cracked it.   Other sceptics look on, knowing they will never be able to make a dice work like that.   Those who can know they can and so they do.   Its a wonder to behold and I, for one, will never get tired of watching it.   And it always makes us squeal with delight too!

Do you believe in Magic?   I do.   It happens all day long every day in my life and the lives of my clients, we are happy and grateful for it, we ask for it, we expect it, we are delighted by it, we intend it, we manifest it and we are all as mad as a box of frogs.  Or are we?

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  1. Jane P Lewis says:

    Being a woo-woo kind of girl myself I am of course as mad as a box of frogs, and it works. Just written an entire PhD thesis on the magical world of Huna – which is about as woo-woo as you can get, and totally practical.

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