An Entrepreneur’s Alphabet: X is for (going the) Xtra Mile

One of my most esteemed colleagues, who also happens to be a good friend, the sort who tells you the truth when you ask in a nice, kind, but truthful sort of way, shared something with me this week which allowed me to know myself better.   And yes, I had asked.

She said that I always, or often, I appear to go the extra mile for others.   Although I knew this about myself, it was way down in the depths of my consciousness and now I am grateful to have it higher up in my awareness.   Because now I can choose.   Do I want to go the extra mile for that person, for that opportunity, for that business, for that deal?   Or am I doing it as a habit, because I always do it?   Because I’ve always done it?

She also said that I appear to complain about it sometimes, and although I wasn’t aware that I did this in that way, it was interesting to explore what that means to me.   It means there is some thoughtless behaviour going on, either in going the distance, or in doing it when I dont necessarily want to.

I am going to write something along the top of my computer screen, because that’s where I do most of my work, which reminds me to make sure I want to go the extra mile before I commit to something, because I know I am not a woman who does things half-heartedly.   I also know I dont want to resent others because I couldnt say no to them.   Don’t be surprised if I say no a lot for a while, that’s the other experiment I am conducting.

I love all these experiments – X can be for Xperiment too!

Do I want to be known for going the extra mile?   Yes, I think I do.  It may even be the title of my auto-biography…once I have worked out how to do it for the worthy and deserving cause, not just because someone asked.   Good learning this week.   And any week with good learning in it is also a good week.

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