An Entrepreneur’s Alphabet: Y is for You

You are the finest asset of your business.   You are also frequently the worst liability.   What you are good at gets done, with relish.   What you are bad at gets ignored, at your peril.

Normally I go into what we can do about this; for today I am content to say that we might just sit with it for a while and explore what it means.   Let’s not rush to fix “the problem” before we have sat and savoured the asset.

Well done for being you!  Pat yourself on the back, celebrate your unique wonderfulness, enjoy your greatness and individuality.   Hug yourself with your specialness.

I know.   It’s not nice is it, being quite so full of ourselves?   But I feel we often take for granted or don’t even believe in how great we are, we gloss over it, rush past it or simply just don’t know.   One of the great joys of my coaching work has been to almost instantly fall in love with most of my clients, noticing their strengths and capacities and brilliance long before they do.   I believe in them WAY beyond what they can, and then some.   I see the diamond, while they see the sh*t in which its covered.  

I seek to breathe into them just some of my appreciation, in a way which enables them to put their shoulders back and stand tall.   I like to have them believe themselves capable of what I know they can do, and then go off and do it – often to their huge surprise and delight.   What a great job!   What fabulous work!   How lucky am I?

Thank you, Darling clients, for just being You.   You are unique and special and perfect just exactly as you are.   EFT and Louise Hay would have us love and accept ourselves just exactly as we are and its a given that in so doing, I feel that about you too.   Honest, I do.

What do you most love, accept, appreciate and take for granted about you, the finest asset of your business?   And how can being more of that make up for any teeny tiny thing you feel you might just lack?

Your Biz Your Way

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