An Entrepreneur’s Alphabet: Z is for Zest

Yup, this is the problem with any alphabet series, finding a good word which begins with Z.   And I should know, I’ve done it twice now.   There are any number of good words – zing, zoom, zig-zag, zany, zero, zenith.   But this time I’m going for ZEST.

Because I realise that without zest – for my life, for my topic, for my work – I couldn’t have got past about C in any alphabet.   You simply can’t force yourself to put the work in, can you?   Yes, we often have to struggle past a little creative resistance to a project, a little rebellion to working on a sunny Saturday afternoon when a deadline zooms, but speaking as the most disciplined person I have ever met, I don’t think its possible to achieve anything very much without an innate zest for the project.

Are you feeling the zest for your business?   Yes?   Hooray!   Do more!

No?   Stop it forthwith, do something else.   End of.   C’est simple!

Zest: keen, hearty pleasure or appreciation, interest, flavour, charm, gusto and relish.   I will accept nothing less for your business and the life it facilitates.

Your Biz Your Way

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