An Optimist of Criminal Proportion Meets Esther Hicks & Abraham At Alternatives

I am going through my old newsletters and fishing out bits which are still as relevant to me today as they were then. Here’s a snippet from 2008.

I went to see Jerry & Esther Hicks at Alternatives on Monday night.   Did you?   It felt like it… as a regular at Alternatives, I’ve never been there before where they have had to open the upstairs of the church. I’ve never been there before when it was a ticket-only affair either. I bought my ticket last December and excitement was at fever pitch by the time I rocked up at the beautiful Wren church in Piccadilly, St James’s.

I met up with Alison, Janet, Bianca & Phil, Emily, Marie, Steve, Stewart and Paul & Philly.   It was quite a party. In a packed church, they embarked on their usual opening three rituals; a few moments’ silence to bring you into the present, lighting three candles (Esther chose JOY for the theme for her candle) and chatting to a stranger.   In a packed house, guess what my stranger was called?   Yup, Judith!   She asked for my card for her American sister who could do with a bit of wealth coaching and that’s a first, swapping business cards in a church.

Esther Hicks as Abraham reminded us that we get what we focus on. She suggested we focus on joy, in fact that we go on a rampage of appreciation.

I realised as I sat there that I have always been an optimist of almost criminal proportion.   Honestly, my expectation of everything is that it will go well.   My friends and family despair and it seems no matter what life throws at me, nothing changes.   I have never adapted this optimism to realism, I just go on expecting the best of people, the best of outcomes, the best of everything.

And guess what?   That’s usually what shows up.   Esther/Abraham made this point several times with great humour and affection.

The thinking around me as I sat in the pews amongst all those friends was almost deafening.   I found myself realising that as soon as I became a cat owner again (something I love to be and find joyous) and as soon as I found that I loved my new flat, life really opened up for me. As soon as I expressed the love, the joy and the delight, opportunities for fun and joy and profit began to flood in.   Joy brings more joy.   Jupiter is the bringer of joy, am I right?

There’s something to this Law of Attraction stuff, isn’t there?   But then Ms Optimistic Morgan never doubted it.

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