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Today’s blog features Kiwi Andrea Jordan who, as I write, is travelling in Asia. So far she’s seen Thailand, Laos and Vietnam and the journey continues. Read Andrea, in her own words:

Andrea JordanMy name is Andrea Jordan. I am a business coach, mentor and strategist.

When I’m not helping entrepreneurs to implement their ideas, I can be found reading anything I can lay my hands on, dancing up a storm (I perform with a salsa group in New Zealand called The Clave Collective), taking photos of the beauty I see around me and travelling to far flung destinations (I’m currently travelling through South East Asia for 4 months).

My business is called Learn. Discover. Be Free. It is focused on helping businesses of all sizes gain the clarity they need to take their business to the next level.

I started my business this year because I found a great business coach in Judith! Also, starting my own business was a natural step in my career and one that I’d been thinking about for a while. I decided that my word for this year was Fearless; once that decision was made there was no holding me back.

Also, I want to live in a world where everyone looks forward to Mondays and living an adventure filled life is the norm. My business is one way to make that happens.

I’ve always been fascinated by business and the people who run them. My past career as a corporate lawyer saw me assisting clients internationally to pursue their business goals. I worked with everyone from small entrepreneurs to 7 figure businesses. I’m now a trusted advisor (some would say a secret weapon) in another way.

My mission is to help business owners take their ideas and make them a reality by providing tips and tools, as well as inspiration, to move from ideas to implementation in the simplest way.

I want my clients to work smarter not harder. Being exhausted and busy has become a badge of honor that we wear yet it is down grading our quality of life. It’s time for a new direction.

I provide my clients with the wisdom and skills I’ve gained from 17 years of legal and corporate experience in New Zealand and London, within private law firms and across government. I also share the tools that I’ve learned when I trained to be a coach.

I can be blunt. I’m prepared to ask the hard questions. I can be a persistent force who won’t stop until the heart of the issue is exposed and my clients can move forward again with confidence.

I have the objectivity and perspective to see my client’s world in a way that they may no longer be capable of seeing it. I can provide transformative insights and strategies that may be invisible to them.

I create Plans That Work to ensure that my clients are moving in exactly the direction that they want.

The thing I love best about working for myself is the freedom. I can structure my day in a way that suits me and I can choose where I work from; whether that be a shared working space, a hotel room or a coffee shop with great pain au chocolat.

The surprise in starting my business has been just how fantastically supportive the online communities that I’m part of have been. I know that my progress would’ve been much slower if I didn’t have that support.

I have learned an enormous amount about myself and have grown as a result. I’ve learned how I work best; how to play to my strengths and manage my weakness. I’ve learned to trust myself more and ask for feedback in a more constructive way when I need it. I’ve learned where the limits of my IT knowledge are and then pushed those boundaries every time. I’ve also learned that sometimes asking for help is the best option that I can take. I’ve increased my bravery by following my dreams; both in business and on my travel adventures.

The thing I’m most looking forward to is sharing my business knowledge with the publication of my latest guide: “6 Tips To Protect Your Business’ Goods and Services”.

Find out more about Andrea at LinkedIn:

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