Angela: Judith Gave Me An Energy Fix That Lasted A Whole Week

Angela Negro“Judith’s help was invaluable to me in the most surprising way. I’m a self-confessed independent, an ‘If I read enough books about business and just apply what I’m reading then I can do it all by myself’ type. So imagine my surprise when Judith basically pointed out in 15 minutes the essential aspects of building a successful business that I’d taken practically a year to read about and start trying to put into action.

She’s a time saver… and time is a rare and precious commodity for fledgling business owners like me.

Yes! Judith intuitively pinpointed exactly who I was and what I wanted to do within the first 5 or so minutes of me speaking.

Yes! Judith did the numbers and formulated my idea into a ‘grown-up’ business model before I’d even had time to blink – she’s that on the ball!

But not only that, Judith infused me with enthusiasm and gave me an energy fix that lasted a whole week afterwards. For me, the ‘Queen of Possible’ this was quite a revelation.

Judith, the day you start juicing your smart ideas, energy, expert advice and empathetic manner, I’ll be first shareholder in the bottling company! In the meantime, I’ll settle for my next Skype session. Thanks a million! You’re invaluable.” Angela Negro, 


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