Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards by Stewart Pearce

Stewart Pearce is a many-faceted human being with multiple talents. During the years that I have known him, Stewart has been the Master of Voice at Shakespeare’s The Globe Theatre, published three books and he also trained the presenters of the successful London 2012 Olympic bid.   So – like me – he has skills which can be utilised in the real commercial world and isnt just a fluffy, though I realise that what I go on to say next may encourage some readers to think we have both completely lost it.

I have known Stewart as a Sound Healer and Angel Medium.   I am sure he wouldn’t mind my sharing with you that the first time he chanted over me, I too thought he was completely bonkers!

I usually consult with Stewart at least once a year and when I saw him in June this year he gave me a boxed set of his Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards and based our session around them. I brought them home and shared them with friends and have given them as gifts on at least three occasions. I wanted to tell you about them because Stewart’s book of the same name is published on Amazon shortly and I can’t wait for my copy to arrive, such has been the joy in using the cards over the last few months.

The Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards are published by Findhorn Press and available on their site today at £10.66. Stewart tells me ” We printed 10,000 Angels of Atlantis Oracles, issuing them in early April, and inside 3 months we were completely sold out from a global perspective – what an amazing thrill for an Oracle that hasn’t been seen for 13,000 years – so a new batch of 10,000 Oracles arrives this week!”

10,000 sets! Blimey! I’m not suprised they have been so popular. I draw one every day and never fail to be comforted by the message they contain. For me, that is their best use, comforting reminders.  However, the accompanying little booklet describes how you can use them to receive inspiration and healing from the angelic kingdoms and how to use them in a one card spread (as  I do), a three card spread or a twelve card spread.

So, Gentle Reader, I am going to pull a card now, especially for you. Here is the message the Oracle intends for me to share with you today:

Hanael – The Sacred Warrior: Willpower

“Just like the great whales of the oceans deep, swimming in Mother Earth’s tears, you are asked to bring willpower to your life in order to achieve the possibility of glory. The ancient souls of these beautiful sea creatures bring them to the flow of the Universe: this reminds us that all is well in the divine matrix, and so take heart from their example. If your will is not currently flowing for you, ask Hanael for loving assistance, and you will feel the ruby ray force flooding through you, giving you such strength of purpose and healing that you will once again feel clear to emit your mafnificence in the world. Chant Om three times for greater clarity.”

Hanael is one of the twelve Archangels of Atlantis who feature in the book and cards. Stewart describes them as “twelve mighty forces to transform your life forever”.   Stewart’s oracle cards are beautifully illustrated by Richard Crookes, and his artwork adds considerably to the experience. Just imagine those words of Hanael, channelled through Stewart, with a gorgeous richly-coloured picture to go with? Bliss.

You can follow Stewart on Twitter @stewartpearce and see him at The College of Psychic Studies in London.


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