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Today’s blog guest is new Club 100 member Anita Dangel who walked into my home earlier this summer looking like Cate Blanchett and has brought just as much magic into my own life as you will see below that she believes I have brought into hers. Here’s Anita, in her own fabulous words:

Anita DangelMy name is Anita Dangel but sometimes I like to use my nickname, brokentulip. I simply love the ambiguous character of this word. It comes from a “tulip breaking” mosaic virus known to “break” the tulips’ one petal colour into two or even more. During the times of Tulip Mania, back in the early 17th century in Holland, these tulips became crazily fashionable and desired. When I call myself brokentulip it really gives me the hope that no matter how many strange or not so nice things happened to me I’m the past, there is still room to become the one I want to be, if not the other way than broken, infected, stripy… but also different and interesting.

During the last year I started to work as a part time freelance support tutor at KLC School of Design, from where I graduated last summer. It was the biggest surprise and compliment ever when my beloved and wonderful tutor asked me to stay and start to teach. It happened way before our graduation ceremony, we did not know our final grades yet, and though not in complete doubt, I still did not know what next, how to get on with my career.

Being a tutor changed a lot the way I think about myself as a designer as well as about my relationship to the design. Because English is not my first language it was a real challenge for me how to get through my limits and how to touch and teach and influence the students. But, because English is not my first language, I don’t mind using any other way of communication, if that is needed, to conquer all of the barriers and fences. Lots of the times, instead of talking, I draw, I colour, I perform, I explain by experimenting or simply showing the real thing. I don’t mind using any type of communication. Sometimes I say that I’d “sing and dance on the top of a table” if this helped to get through the message, the knowledge. Why not? My single aim, when spending time at the school, is to make students understand and fall in love with interior design in the same way as I’m in love with it.

I am also a mother, a wife, a household logistic centre operator, a driver, a psychologist/personal coach and fashion advisor for my three daughters, a foreigner, an ex-fashion and web designer, a dreamer, a traveller, sometimes a lost soul, a yoga practitioner and (lets write down the scary big word too) an artist (or at least a wannabe one 🙂

But most importantly I am an Interior Designer. Being a tutor is wonderful and very satisfactory but I really want to do the real thing, I need to create, I need to design.

My tiny-little business is called Anita Dangel Interiors. Everybody in the design industry advised me to use my own name for my business, as it gives the feeling of real credibility.

My business is in its early, toddler years. It provides interior design solutions mostly in the residential field but I also finished some commercial projects in the past. I started my company in 2013, the year I graduated.

The thing I love best about working as a designer is the moment, after the very long hours, days and even nights of real labour and ruminating and self-doubt, when suddenly I get to the solution, know the answer and I’m able to put together the design in my head (and soul) as a respond to my client’s needs and my own feelings and instinct. That beautiful and secure clarity when I’m completely unwavering and confident about my proposal. And then a bit later, when my client loves it and gives it a go.

Doc MartensI also really love “the real, dirty-stinky” part of my job, the implementation, the building works. I have a bunch of skilled builders whom I truly trust and regularly work with. When on a building site I always wear my shiny red Doc Martens and sometimes I really feel like I’m on a battlefield. There is always something unforeseen, a sudden question, a problem, a complication that has to be solved immediately in the best possible way. Those are the moments when my creativity rocks and I come up with the most unexpected and unorthodox solutions that first shock and then satisfy my builders, my clients and sometimes myself too.

The thing I’m most looking forward is The Real Launch, the moment when I’ll step out and leave behind every self-limiting distraction, self-sabotage and unnecessary fear from my past. The first step will be putting together my design portfolio and website, the second will be the “coming-out”.

A few months ago I realised that I’m completely stuck, tiptoeing in the same place, not moving, not changing, not being even close to the place I would love to be. Furthermore I also had the annoying feeling that I’ve already tried what I could, and it did not make a difference and I became more and more frustrated and angry. But when finally I asked the question clearly, almost as a divine inspiration, suddenly I understood that the missing link must be the long lost magic and spirituality. No rational explanation to it but I signed up to John Williams’ 30DayChallenge and as one of the first-comers I won a day with Judith. Two weeks later I found myself in her wonderful Abundance Shed playing the Cashflow game with wonderful people feeling at home. I felt like being on a fast train; anything Judith said or did that day seemed to me as a big nod from the Universe.

To finish it with some magic I have to tell you about something wonderful that happened to me after I met Judith the second time, for a 1-2-1 consultation, early July. Drawing and painting was always THE THING for me, my dream life, the future I was waiting for. Before our consultation I always thought about it as something I’ll do when I become old enough – moving to south of France and paint standing in a big garden wearing dungarees. But, lucky me, she asked me some questions that opened the gates and set free the flow. And since then I started to draw and paint again, regularly, almost on a daily basis.

My future life has started to happen to me now.

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At the time of pressing Publish on this guest post, Anita’s website is under construction, as you will see above.

Anita is a new member of the Club 100 and is gung-ho keen to get to work with me when she returns from her summer holidays in Hungary. If you’d like to work with me and create some magic, now’s the time because you can join at £100 per month during August. Prices rise on 1st September to new members to £150 per month.

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