Anna: Generous, Encouraging, Practical and Purposeful

Anna SansomI’d heard about Judith’s magic from a number of friends who had all had discussions with her that were inspiring and idea-rich. I have to confess that I was hesitant at first: here was a woman who really knows her stuff, what if she completely dissed all the work I’d already done on my business, or (worse) came up with ideas so great that I could never rise to the challenge?

So I hung around her blog for a while, listened to her speak on a telecall she gave on blogging and, when I finally decided my fear was outweighed by my curiosity, I made my Entrepreneur of the Day appointment.

The discussion I had with Judith was great. I could almost hear the cogs of her brain click-clacking as she speedily processed what I was saying, what she could see from my website and – perhaps even more importantly – who I am as a person: my strengths and weaknesses as well as my beliefs and values.

My fears were unfounded on all counts: Judith was generous, encouraging, practical, and purposeful. I’ve come away feeling stronger and more determined, armed with some helpful suggestions, and with the knowledge that I have another trusty port of call that I can come back and visit again as I continue my journey of self-employment.

Thank you, Judith!

Anna Sansom

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