Another Overdue Rampage of Appreciation

Due to being a bit under the weather, I had to cancel my plans for today and stay at home. Once I worked out the upside of that, I realised I had – oh joy of joys – a completely free day on my hands. Which meant I could tidy the office, go shopping, do the filing, the washing, the accounts and my expenses, catch up with The Archers for 10 episodes, Twitter a lot, rack up another handful of ticket sales for the upcoming Property Day, plan a teleseminar for this morning, get the place cleaned, interact big time with the Money Gym Google Groups, field a lot of Cartel calls and more. A wonderful, wonderful self-care day, I feel almost holy in my tidy, clean, To Do-less state.

Which brings me to blogging. Always a joy, never a chore. Whilst doing the filing, I found a list of things I want to blog about over the coming weeks, but for now I just wanted to list the people and things for which I am very grateful.

Steve Watson, Marion Ryan, Peter Stanley, Dan and my gorgeous new computers, Nick the Rock & Roll gardener and his son, Billy, and the fabulous new hard landscaping in my emerging Streatham Hill garden, cranberry juice, bacon and eggs, 122 (at last count) delegates for the Property Extravaganza, the venue team, the volunteer team and supporters.

Amazon, Viking, Olivia Woods for pre-empting the office tidy-up, Cashflow 101 tomorrow and last Saturday with Brendan et al, the lady I met that day who’s coming on Saturday, Red Nose Day, BBC iPlayer, LoveFilm, Mitsy the cat, clean sheets, Beverly the cleaner back from her very long holiday in South Africa, hooray.

Sandra and my new WordPress blogsite (and Steve starting that off and Marion’s buttons) , Passive Investments and my seaside properties, Perky Pete and Ethel, the falling mortgage rates, the Property Boardroom, my Cartel team, the phone just ringing abundantly.

Streatham Hill and the chance to create a home here, for however brief a period. The peace and sanctuary that comes with it. The hot & cold running water, my library of books, telecomms which enable me to keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues all round the world, blogging, Twittering, going viral.

Claire Raikes, Mike & John my Creative Entrepreneur partners, HomesInAHurry and the opportunities this week in Barking, Canary Wharf and Alicante, I know, that’s surreal isnt it? Trips to the cinema thirteen times since Christmas and the Oscars going my way for a change. Niki being my co-facilitator at the Money Gym Cashflow games, a full house tomorrow night and its RND too. Carolyn who offered to bring Red Nose themed goodies to the Cashflow game.   Gosh, people are fab, aren’t they?

My industrial strength shredder and the fact that Beverley empties and hoovers it each visit which saves all those horrid little bits escaping; I LOVE shredding. My office equipment all working perfectly, the move to the new computer being relatively easy, my new keyboard which is touch-licious, my Money Gym peer group who are friendly, supportive, creative and brilliant virtual colleagues, the inspiration of Guy Levine (one of my very earliest coaching clients) driving himself to work today in a Helicopter and Twittering a photo of that.

The Big Cheque which NatWest have drummed up for The Big Issue. The knowledge that there’s an upside to being a bit poorly and having to miss out socially on karaoke AND a quiz night but being saved a trip to Basildon until I am feeling better. The fact that I can lie in when poorly if I want without having to account to a boss. I haven’t lain in, but that’s just it, isnt it? When you can, you dont want to! How contrary are we?

Stewart Pearce who encouraged me to think of myself as a Financial Intuitive and thoughts of how to teach that to others. A recent lovely client who made me realise who I DIDN’T want to work with (so important), just pointing up something Mike Yates talks about, the self-motivated client. A vase of pink tulips in my little cottage-y window. Susie and Gareth making the trip to Manchester worthwhile. 10 hours’ straight sleep in Susie’s extra comfy guest bedroom, why can’t I do that at home? The healing power of sleep. Hot and cold running water, and the rather assertive boiler-woman from British Gas. Good to see a sister on that job.

Finally getting an electric meter into my BTL in Nunhead; the forbearance to see that through after only FOUR YEARS. My Abundance fountain, my vision board, my Money Cat. Nicola, Philly, Margaret, Annie and Marion, their generous gifts to the Big Issue, along with the wondrous abundance-fest donated by the speakers and participants at the gig. Our clients are going to win over £42,000 worth of prizes and enable us to strike up a life-changing relationship with The Big Issue.

DIY and plumbing Pete, his brother-in-law and his neighbour who now form the team who look after my real estate empire! My trusty little Muji calculator MkII which helps me do whizzy calculations and accounts. Overseas property juice and the chance to buy more property in the UK for £1. Awesome. The opportunity to practice becoming a negotiator. The patience to deal with people who annoy me, just.

My family, who love me, and are just “there”.    And Nicola King, my BF.   Good friends such as Marie Taylor who is so supportive of everything I do.    Margaret Collins and Bec and the story about the rugby.   Janet Swift, stalwart.   Emma Bourne, up for it.   Love and laughter and GSOH.

My car, fixed after the snowy accident thanks to Sainsbury’s insurance who did that without a fuss, without a problem and with a courtesy car, a nippy little Fiat Punto which I came to almost love. And all for £100 excess and no real damage to my NCD. A trip to Manchester and back with apparently no speeding fines (yet). The magnetic red nose which has been on the bonnet for several weeks without anyone seeking to pinch it. My washing machine, and clean clothes brilliantly ironed by the above-mentioned Beverley. The One Minute Millionaire.   Top Gear re-runs.   The Starting Over Show in Brighton on Sunday – although please STOP me working weekends.   Can Saturday 21/3/09 be my last for the forseeable, do you think?

A great night’s sleep, a well-deserved rest and another terrific day tomorrow.

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