Anyone Can Do It! My Property Extravaganza Highlights

What am I most looking forward to on Saturday apart from catching up with 200 of my favourite people?   What are my anticipated highlights? Just one woman’s view but it might be useful if you are still sitting on the fence and are a last minute purchaser, still undecided?

Anyone Can Do It, opening inspiration from my mate Peter Stanley.

Handing over a HUGE cheque to those worth folks at The Big Issue, about which more tomorrow.   I am just loving the idea of a marriage between The Money Gym and TBI since they are so entrepreneurial in their approach to homelessness.

The Caribbean Dream by Katharine Wooller.   Most of her clients are making their first ever investment in an overseas commercial hotel unit which can create a substantial income from only a tiny deposit.

A short presentation about SIPPS in which I am anticipating Roger turning us all onto them – and not a moment too soon.

The prizes!   So many gorgeous gifts to give away.

One Networking Minute – my experiment to get 60 delegates on stage telling us about themselves.   Should be chaotic but fun, I have this image of something akin to The Generation Game!

Rick Otton and his Rent2Own/Lease Options strategies.   I ran a teleclass last Friday about this (and if you missed it, please email me and I will sort you out a link to it).  My intention was to give an overview of how you can buy a house for only £1.   Who would be good at this?   Anyone who can be taught (by me if necessary) to “get” the maths, creatives who love to look for the deal, people for whom this might be their only route into property ownership and good negotiators.   Any one of those, not all of them.

A testimonial flooded in after the call from Heather who is coming on Saturday:

“Thankyou for the recording of Friday’s teleclass. It was of great interest to me. The thing is I can think of at least 3 properties I have looked at in the past month which would be perfect to “control” in this way – properties I know I could rent out and easily cover the mortgage payment and some each month. It means that there is the potential to help people with very little or even no equity in their property which it would not be possible to do with the traditional BMV purchase. I think the most exciting thing is that there is the potential for monthly cashflow if that’s what you need, but also if you want to use this strategy for adding to your own portfolio some deals will be suitable for that as well, but without the need to immediately find a large deposit – perfect!   I’m looking forward to learning more on the 21st”

By George, she’s got it!   There are so many routes to making money and/or buying property using these techniques which are all in the negotiation.   Rick has promised to put up some real worked examples so we can understand even more about this and how to do it. I really love to see the penny drop and will be looking for that on your faces on Saturday.   We also run a Money Gym special interest Google Group for all those involved in Rent2Own and if you decide to take this further, we will look forward to have you join us there.   We can help you to get those few important deals under your belt.

Last but absolutely not least, the triple whammy of being able to meet Martin Roberts from TV’s Homes Under The Hammer who opens the presentation for Unique and Henderson.   Two sides to the same business sharing one absolutely unique benefit – your capital  investment is guaranteed and underwritten by Lloyds. Unique offer the chance to buy ten years’ holidays for the price of one average family holiday AND they throw in the capital appreciation of the unit you have bought AND the opportunity to take your holidays in your own unit, others’ units or not at all and take the rental income instead.

Henderson offer the same thing but multiple units with a reinvestment programme for the rental income which means you end up with a lot of overseas real estate and an income pot, all compounding nicely for you with that same capital guarantee underwritten at Lloyds again.  I haven’t met Kerry Welch yet who was one of the brilliant minds behind this one although I have met the rest of her team and I am much looking forward to seeing their presentation again.   I know that this is an innovative opportunity that many will enjoy and take comfort from that guarantee.

Finally an explosive Q & A panel game where I really hope and expect we will grill the speakers so that they finally convince us what we know in our hearts, that now is precisely the right time to be finding a way – multiple ways – to invest in property.

Whilst writing this another handful of tickets sold, total now is 163.   So if you ARE intending to come, please book now and bag your seat, your one moment on the stage, and lots of wonderful new ways to make your fortune/pension in property.   See you there!

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