Do It Anyway: Irena’s Credo

yes - notepad & penI am indebted to my client, Irena, who yesterday morning helped me and my Small Business Big Magic group to a valuable realisation about ourselves.

Irena said that she didn’t feel like getting up. But she did it anyway, because she has 400 butterflies to create for an art installation on Friday 13th June. [She’s an artist.]

And another lady on the call shared what her difficulties were too, and I mine, but we all agreed we would simply Do It Anyway.┬áBecause if it wasn’t this, our respective difficulty of choice, it would be something else.

And that’s precisely it, isn’t it? There’s always some reason why you can’t or won’t do what’s required to achieve your goals and aims and ambitions. You are ill or someone in the family is. Or the kids are home on an INSET day, or half-term. Or you’d rather lie in, with a good book. Or you’ve got to take care of something personal, or pressing, the dentist, the doctor, the vet, the MoT. Or a headache/heartache/backache.

Irena EllisOr you’ve got to go to work in a day job you hate instead of creating the business you just know you would love. Or the day job is making you exhausted or poorly. Or you don’t believe in it, or yourself, or your ability to be successful or make money or you have blocks of myriad hue.


That’s Irena’s credo and advice to herself and to us all, and she’s absolutely right. Whatever the challenge which stands between you and your dream, whatever the reason you cannot do it, just do it anyway.

Your Biz Your Way

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