April 2010 as A Social Entrepreneur: Following Universal Nudges

I still desperately want to launch the new T1ME website by Easter, but that deadline comes and goes without achieving that result.

On 6th April I have a very useful consultation with Philip Stanley, the MinuteCoach, and he says I won’t find it difficult to harness people to my vision.   He’s proved right over the ensuing couple of months.   I draw up a document to send to people I want to attract to work with me. Initially my thoughts are that I want one of each of the 8 Wealth Profiles on the team of Head Office visionaries but I am soon encouraged to realise that we don’t need all of them at the start.

I wake up one morning with a nudge to ask Yvonne Halling (Creator/Mechanic) to be involved and at approximately the same time the Universe nudges me to ask Janet Swift (Star) the same question. I cannot remember who came first, they are chicken and egg. I chat to both of them and we three agree to meet at Yvonne’s house in Champagne for a full-on brainstorm on 21-23 April.   We hope that Marion Ryan (Star) will come with us but the Volcanic Ash cloud puts paid to that.

On 12th March I meet with Marie Taylor, she and I have agreed to do some co-coaching by now and we enjoy a cup of coffee first at the Cafe Nero next door to Alternatives before going to hear Michael Neill speak with some other lovely chums.   Michael embraces us all in one large group hug!   I have no idea then that later I will ask him to be one of the Experts on T1ME and he will say yes.

On 13th March, the fabulously stoic Jean Maund gets the T1ME video up on YouTube.   It’s a difficult birth but we have our first video of my vision.   People complain its too long.   Sorry loves, brevity isn’t one of my strengths.  Later we will give you the chance to see if you can do it better yourselves.   Ha!

14th March is A Big Day.  

I begin the day with the long awaited visit from the FSA. And then I devote the rest of the day to my new life.

I have made up my mind that come hell or high water we will launch the website that night by 10 p.m., when I have to leave to fetch Nicola and her Mum and sister Lisa from her Mum’s birthday treat (Russell Watson, God help us) at the Royal Albert Hall.   I have no recollection why I have volunteered to do this in the middle of what will become The Most Important Night of My Life, but there you go.   Life is always so much stranger than fiction.

I am wide awake during my chauffeuring duties which is good, as I have to return to the coalface that is my laptop and finish of various bits and bobs before it turns into The Longest Night of My Life.   It feels very strange getting it out there, but babies have to be delivered and born, that’s all there is to it.   Its a beginning, that’s all.   But its real now and we can start perfecting in according with feedback.

I ask lots of friends and colleagues to join and bless them, they do.   Its very exciting watching the counter on the home page tick one more Entrepreneur towards the million as each person joins.

One of them, Sunita, is our first paying client at $10 a month and she joins straight in at that level on 15th April, the day after launch.   Little does she know what a good decision that is as she goes on to be our first Mrs Lucky Winner in June!

On 21st April Janet and I set off for Champagne; it turns out to be the first day the planes are flying after that delightful, quiet, sunny week where the skies over London were blue and empty.   This is a bummer since Marion could, perhaps, have joined us after all.   The roads are quiet and Janet and I get on an earlier train that anticipate which means we rock up at Yvonne & Jiles’ B & B an hour before lunchtime.   Fortunately they are home.

We enjoy a thrilling couple of days of croissants, al fresco sunshiny lunches, like-minded company and brainstorms. We spend the first afternoon getting to know one another. Although I know both Janet & Yvonne, I dont know Yvonne nearly so well and Yvonne and Janet do not know one another at all.   Yvonne tells us all about her return to France after four years in Manchester and we are soon drawn into their home and their family rhythms.   I fall in love with teenage Lucie’s boyfriend who looks like Tom Cruise, speaks English with a French accent and does his best to be charming (and succeeds!) to a handful of middle-aged women over dinner.

We work hard all the second day, bashing through my vision notes.   Janet has a bit of a disaster from home with Susie, one of her beloved dogs, being very poorly but the family take care of it brilliantly and Susie pulls back from the brink. We play Cashflow on the second evening and I win, practising what I teach at my London games – FOCUS.   Insanely, we are drawing in the sorts of magnificent sums we have talked madly about during the afternoon – and in dollars too, just as we have planned.   My win seems like an excellent omen to me because I have spent so long teaching and now I am doing.

All too soon our visit is over and Janet and I set off for home.   All is smooth again on our return journey which is odd because if the papers were to be believed, the channel ports should have been rammed with people stuck in Europe without planes, all bumming a lift home.   The fact was considerably more dull but our three sunny days were uplifting and laughter fuelled, sharing goals with like-minded rolk.   We decide to meet weekly on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. UK time going forward on Skype.   Where would we be without Skype?

On 27th April I celebrate my 55th birthday with half a day off and on 30th April, at the monthly meeting of The Creation Experiment, I am able to announce that ” it’s official, I am out of The Fertile Void”.   This is received with cheers, mostly mine I think!

Sandra invoices for 33 hours spent working on the T1ME website which, being a combination of WordPress and Wishlist, we already know we will have to upgrade long before we reach 10,000 members, let alone one million.

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  1. Well documented Judith. The downs are part of the ups and we all have them. You can’t see the light without the dark. Onwards and upwards

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