Are You a Copycat? Podcast Ep 184

Are you a copycat? There’s someone else in your very specific niche. She’s ace. She’s brilliant. You admire her and she’s been at it a couple of years longer than you. You don’t want to watch her creative output for fear it will influence you accidentally. You don’t want her to think you are muscling in on her territory. What to do?

  • Should you have a conversation with her?
  • Is there room in the niche for both of you without fear or scarcity?
  • Will she think you are copying her or riding on her coattails, stealing her thunder and all manner of other hallucinations?

How to handle this dilemma professionally, that’s our focus for today’s show and it is a challenge brought to us by a listener Nicola knows well and how chooses to remain anonymous.

Recognise your own anxieties in that one? Yes, I think it will resonate with many and it goes to abundance and your own unique filter by dint of your personality. When faced with any choice of two similar things, how do you as a consumer decide between the two?

Did you deliberately set up in competition with her? No! It’s all good, and your feelings are valuable too as they are telling you something. If not an actual conversation, perhaps there’s an opportunity for you to get clear on all of this so you can move it out of the way and crack on with your own gift and bringing it to the world.

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In other news, I’m having a week off from SBBM and it seems to coincide with half-term for many which means that none (NONE!) of my Club 100 clients checked in this week either. Either they thought I needed a break – or they did – or the Bank Holiday in the UK threw them all off or they are indeed on half term too. extraordinarily, Nicola reports that she’s been moved to write a poem and submit it to a competition!

She’s also returned to meditating this week which has created space for a wonderful solution to turn up magically. And I tell her about my visit to my cousin’s house on one of my weirdo adventures over the Bank Holiday weekend, and about my three new clients in Small Business Big Magic.

Our words of the week are Truth and Allowing (get her!).

We talk podcast download numbers in Project Updates, it’s nearly 80,000 for our joint one and nearly 6,000 for my own little one. We discuss the power of the spoken word, audiobooks and podcasts.

We are impressed by Social Media Examiner’s newsletter (her) and by David Baddiel on Desert Island Discs (me) but you know this already since you read my own newsletter last Friday.

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