Are You Addicted to Busyness? Podcast Ep 205

The focus for today’s show was first prompted by this lovely thought from Robin Sharma: “Show Me Your Schedule and I’ll Show You Your Values”. Eek!

What does my schedule say about me? Nicola and I both looked at our diaries during the show and decided whether the reflection was flattering or not. Do they show the old version of how we liked to see ourselves, as efficient businesswomen, instead of our newly emerging focus on thinking (me) and creative writing (her).

Our theme was further prompted by an article on which explains that being busy is killing our creativity. Since creativity is of increasing importance to both of us and especially to my clients, we explore the opportunity for changing our diaries and creating more opportunity to do nothing or to do the sort of activities which aid creativity. Creativity and Distraction.

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In other news, temperatures are falling in Stoupa and Nicola is all talk of winter tavernas, chimney sweeps and wood-burning stoves. I am all talk of funerals and death. Sorry, but it has been a few weeks where that’s been my reality. I decided I wasn’t going to write my newsletter this week on that topic but, in the end, I couldn’t help myself because it was what was top of mind.

Our fires have been fuelled by my handwriting practice where I decided I needed a new notebook and pen so I could write regularly by hand in an attempt to regain the lost art. I worry sometimes that even my signature doesn’t look like my writing. And Nicola is proud of being three weeks into her daily one-minute video production and that she’s back on track with her vzine.

Our words of the week are Cooking (hers) and Humility (mine). Mine is inspired by Madam Secretary’s sexy husband, the ethics professor, and taken from an episode about Japanese peace gardens! That show always gets me to shed a little patriotic tear and I am not even American.

I am proud to report that I have no project updates with which to update NC, and she tells me she has abandoned this year’s NaNoWriMo in favour of a Curtis Brown course in January. We were both felled by a bug which made NaNoWriMo impossible and maybe that’s all for the best.

Finally, who or what’s impressed us? Nicola likes a sci-fi novel by N.K. Jemisin called The Fifth Season, and I introduce her to The Kominsky Method on Netflix.

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