Ask Judith

To coincide with the publication of my book, Your Biz Your Wayin which I answer questions from anyone who works for themselves about their lovely little businesses, I have opened a new group on Facebook called Ask Judith.

It’s a place where you can ask any question about creating an income by working for yourself, with the emphasis on the difficult personal stuff, what I like to call the #Bonkersness. My goal is to empower all to see that working for yourself is a little bit bonkers but that if we can bust through all of that it will be so much easier for us to make money doing something that we love.

The strapline for the book is Learning to Trust Yourself: Relax! You’ve Got This. And that’s all we are up to here, finding ways to trust ourselves increasingly so that self-employment become even lovelier.

Do ask to Join the Group – it’s free. And if I would like to use your question in my book or books, I will ask for your permission to do that.

Join the Ask Judith Facebook Group here.