Astrologer Sally Kirkman Predicts My 2014

Sally KirkmanBefore Christmas I asked Sally Kirkman if she would look at my birth chart and predict my 2014. Frankly, I was looking for some good news. The last three years have been exceptionally tough and I wanted something to hang on to in the dark December days. Unfortunately for me, Sally doesn’t tell me what I want to hear, she tells it as she sees it.

I have worked with Sally for some time now and this was not my first report, so she already had my details on file. In my dealings with Sally she has always been the consummate professional and the quality of her writing is excellent and intelligent. So what you get is considered and meaty, no corners cut.

I’ve already confessed to Sally that I skim read it first off, looking for the good bits. Then I came back to it a second time much later with a highlighter pen, picking out details and auspicious dates to put them in my calendar for 2014.

So, what do you get in Sally’s Year Ahead reports? Approximately 2,000 words in a lengthy report which is pretty detailed. There’s a fair amount of astrological stuff which I don’t understand but fortunately Sally does and she translates it for you in a style which I find to be spot on. And many of my colleagues and friends to whom I have introduced her say the same, how reliable her predictions are. And if you follow Sally’s site she also has a penchant for predicting winners, particularly in the areas she loves such as Wimbledon and Strictly. Top notch fun as well as meaningful insights and betting tips! And isn’t that precisely how astrology should be?

It’s an art and a science. Sally has studied the science and her art is in the interpretation in a way which is valuable to me.

What does Sally see in my year ahead? Financially I am in it for the long haul until Christmas 2014. It’s my second Saturn return, in the run up to my 60th birthday in 2015.  Starry types will know the significance of this. I know which each of the important dates are for me, and why, in every month of the coming year and what energy I should be bringing to relevant tasks and roles around those times. Very useful, especially as I watch Sally – through her writing – live her own life like this.

I like astrology, always have. But I never took it seriously until I met Sally.


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  1. Judith Morgan says:

    Hi Veronica, I am not sure how one finds the good ones, but I am grateful I manifested Sally. Do report back how you get on? Love, Judith x

  2. Hello my new friend. 🙂 That’s so weird. I went to an astrologer when I was about 17yrs old who accurately forecast much of my adult life, but no other astrologer has been even close to that accuracy. How does one find the good ones? I’ll go have a look at Sally.

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