August, I Have Loved You

Dear August, how wonderful you have been this year, 2017! I have had such a lovely time and I feel very fortunate indeed.

The last ten days or so I had planned to be properly “off” work and I’ve not done very much at all except to have fun with friends and go to a couple of parties and do some reading and writing, resting up and recharging my batteries for the coming September term.

But before I knocked off for that R&R I wrote a list on Facebook of all the things August had been to me, so that I wouldn’t forget them when it came to telling Nicola on the podcast what I’d been up to during the five weeks I’ve been away from her. Here’s what I said before I update you with what’s happened since that day, 24th August.

My August so far, my holiday month has definitely been my most busy and productive of 2017. How did that happen?

  • 12 x 1-2-1 clients (yes, I know I said I wouldn’t, mostly newbies or exceptions in one way or another)
  • Tara Roskell, the Idea Medic has made me some beautiful memes for me to be able to use on social media
  • 11 chunks of time writing my book, only just slightly over half way through but 37,000 words written in first draft
  • Lots of reading and much more to come next week; such luxurious fun
  • Will have done 5 sets of shownotes for our podcast by the month end
  • Been to 7 webinars (I HATE webinars) about list-building and Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages.
  • Talking to a VA in USA about something Facebooky (excited, thanks to Amanda Johnson for the connection)
  • Set up a new Facebook Group called Ask Judith (a partner for my book); it’s free to join, so please do join and spread the word to all your self-employed pals
  • 10 x SBBM 90 minute drop-in calls as normal
  • A consultation with Isabel Gatherer, the psychic wanderer
  • Took on three new clients in Club 100
  • Returned to tithing, ten percent of all unexpected income (so far)
  • Had a manicure and a pedicure too with the gorgeous home-visiting Marzi
  • Having enormous magical manifestation fun with Pam Grout’s THANK & GROW RICH: “something amazingly awesome is going to happen to me today” and three unique gratitudes daily shared in my I Love My Life group.
  • Helped a friend with her accounts, hours and hours of ultimately satisfying tedium but a job well done and very helpful to my pal who has been so kind to me, she so totally deserved this
  • My terrifically healthy and handsome brother popped in to see me on the way home from a golfing weekend and then, a propos of nothing at all, emailed the following Friday to say he was having a pacemaker fitted that very afternoon. He was home the next morning and he’s bionic now but always a heart-in-mouth moment when your loved ones are on the operating table.
  • Starting tomorrow I am going for 10 days unplugged, that’s three lots of reading (see tomorrow’s newsletter), two parties and ten lie-ins!

How on earth do I find time to work in a normal non-holiday month?? I always say that on holiday. Am feeling totally buzzing and high, as you can probably no doubt tell.

Well, if that totally wasn’t enough abundance for one girl, much more wonderfulness has manifested since then, including former client Vannessa Vinos of Luxuria Jewellery Boutique sending me a beautiful ring which she had specially made for me, featuring an AB crystal bead. You might remember me getting all excited about Aurora Borealis crystal jewellery earlier this year? You can see it here, it’s the last one on the bottom row of the ones described as Ilenia: Colourful Cabochon gemstone rings in 24K gold vermeil. Can’t make up your mind? Grab a handful, I would. Mine’s absolutely beautiful. I’ll share a photo later in the week when Marzi comes back for another manicure on Saturday, as she always likes to photograph her handiwork. So many accidental puns in the second half of that para, I’ll leave you to spot them!

The reading I have been doing is with a group of FB pals. We’ve been reading the Not The Booker Shortlist 2017 and we are half way through, having ticked off Not Thomas by Sara Gethin (my personal favourite so far), Dark Chapter by Winnie M. Li, and Man With a Seagull on His Head by Harriet Paige. Today we start on The Threat Level Remains Severe by Rowena Macdonald, next week’s is The Ludlow Ladies’ Society by Ann O’Loughlin and we finish up with Anything Is Possibly by Elizabeth Strout. Compared to my usual preference for page-turning whodunnits, the written and read equivalent of easy listening, this has all been rather stretchy but in an entirely good way and I would definitely have felt the need to be “on holiday” to get that amount of leisure reading done and dusted as we were keeping up quite a pace.

Including today, I have taken the word count up on my own book from 37,000 to closer to 54,000 and I am really enjoying creating this even more than I imagined. When I am really in flow, the words pour out of me. And I have found the funds to invest in someone doing all the hard bits for me so that’s very exciting and will provide acceleration.

Over and above the webinar learning, still hate that, I have learned how to do something new on Facebook, check this out, with much more of that to follow. I just need to schedule into my week more study and implementation time but it is going to be so worth it and I feel quite proud of my handiwork to date.

And on Friday a colleague came to visit, taking us both outside our CZ I think. I surprised myself by inviting her and she surprised herself by accepting with alacrity. I offered her some slightly dodgy leftovers from the party the day before and we talked the hind legs off a donkey. Since she had been one of those to step up and stand in for me on the podcast during my month off, it was no less than she deserved.

Although today dawned autumnally misty, my memory of August is of plenty of sunshine, especially when it counted though there is photographic evidence of us Brits BBQing in the rain under umbrellas! We met our next-door neighbours and partied with them twice, there was lots of time for chatting and laughter and the debating of new hobbies to see us through the coming darker months. I am thinking of going back to my colouring-in if I can find the perfect watercolour pens, perhaps embroidery, perhaps jigsaw puzzles, perhaps cashflow games to meet new people. All of those will require energy, and good lighting, especially good lighting!

When I asked in Friday’s newsy newsletter for readers to write in and tell me what they did on their holidays, two chaps took me at my word and did that and you won’t believe it but the second chap asked me if I could recommend something that the first chap did. Would he have come to mind if we had just not exchanged emails? Probably not. Which just goes to show… everything is perfect just exactly as it is.

What did you do on your hols?

PS As I was checking the spelling and grammar of this post in Word, as I sometimes (not always) do, it asked me if I would like to be more concise. The cheek!

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