August is Extreme Self-Care Month

Regular readers will know I always have August off in the UK.   And I use it for zapping tolerations.   I notice from a blog post from mid July last year, that my holiday To Do List had 21 items on it.   This year’s is somewhat shorter which is gratifying in itself. I wonder if there’s a direct correlation between how stressed one is and how long one’s To Do List?   Discuss.

I’ve stolen a march on August this year and started to zap tolerations during July – ha ha!   I’ve already booked my annual oven clean and replaced the oven trays and tea-towels. I replaced a light bulb over the weekend (I’ll do the lot in August) and I’ve had the garden tidied already. There’s the dental hygienist to slot in but she’s appointed, the vet (for the cat not me), repairs throughout the flat, a cull in the filing cabinet, two sets of accounts, more clutter-clearing with a vengeance as I really mean to downshift this summer. Then there’s car cleaning and insurance renewal, a family party on 15th, preparing my workshop for Alternatives in November and holding the fort at T1ME as both Janet & Yvonne take well-deserved time off with their families.

But you can see its a shorter list this year, can’t you, Gentle Reader?   I wonder what that means?    I assume it reflects that I am finally taking some of my own medicine and working less. Goody.

Three Things I am Grateful For:

  1. A shorter August holiday To Do List
  2. The best summer weather I can ever remember, every day in a sleeveless T-shirt, even in today’s rain
  3. Thirty one glorious days to lie in, look after myself and sort out my world – bliss!

Three Things I Intend to Manifest:

  1. A fabulous family party on 15th August with dear friends too
  2. A clutter-free existence, lighter and less
  3. Plenty of free time to do the things I love like reading and writing and snoozing

My favourite books on this topic are Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort & Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach and Simplicity: Easy Ways to Simplify & Enrich Your Life by Elaine St James.   I’ve lent out my copy of the latter and dont think I can bear to be parted yet from my copy of the former, even in the great book cull of 2010!

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  1. Heather Waring says:

    Love ‘Simple Abundance’ too, I read it every year and always get something new from it. I’ve recommended it to so many people.

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