August Off (Not): My Summer List of Good Intentions

It’s T minus 15 and counting until my August holiday.   I pretty much always have August off every year without straying very far, since I love the Great British Summer. 

My proper “abroad” holiday is already booked for a month in the Caribbean in December as ever, but I am really looking forward to taking life easy in August, not going anywhere, not doing much, at least no client work – I mean, I love you… but a girl’s gotta have a breather.

Regular readers will know that I also love to work. And the unreconstructed me feels SOOO good when I get to tick things off my list,  however much I may wish that I was the sort of person who is zen enough to be defined by her existence rather than her achievements.  

But I’m not.  

So there. 

For now.

However, even by my own standards, there’s something not quite right going on here as I already have a To Do List for my holidays which is very long, and that would appear to be a contradiction in terms?  

I already know this list isn’t exhaustive because I have other things in the back of my mind which haven’t even made it to the list yet, but the list currently stands at 21 items and counting.   And if I add another 10 I’ve got one “job” for every day in August!

The list includes:

  • arrange some more poker lessons with my lawyer
  • do tax return
  • go to the dentist
  • take Mitsy to the vet for her injections so she can go on holiday at the vet’s in December (please don’t mention that to Mitsy, she doesn’t know about the V.E.T. yet)
  • chase up on an important property issue
  • put some more resources on my website
  • progress a couple of tiny business opportunities, honestly, I promise you, they are really TINY
  • talk to a builder about doing some structural work while I am away at Christmas so the works can be done without my life being interrupted
  • clutter clearing (too many books, shoes, clothes)
  • overdue spring cleaning (pull out the bed etc)
  • close duplicate bank accounts and move all standing orders and direct debits to the most appropriate of remaining bank accounts
  • put BT and other essential items on direct debit so I don’t get cut off during Xmas holidays
  • clear out filing cabinet – a cull I believe this is called, then I might be able to shut those drawers
  • find a way to shade part of the garden and light ditto for outdoor poker game on 20th
  • catering for two summer al fresco parties – by which I mean find a caterer to do THAT work, kitchen far too tiny as yet for actually cooking in (see structural work above)
  • meet up with Nigel (long lost friend, who I havent seen since May 2005).   N says he’s looking forward to seeing me “free as air”, my own description of my August!   He knows me too well despite not having seen me for 4 years…leopards don’t change their spots then.
  • do my own business accounts, year-end 31st August 2009 (!). That’ll be a job for the 31st then.
  • send the Money Gym accounts for audit, accounts are actually done, this is just a parcelling up, queueing in the Post Office and sending off type of job
  • jolly up a couple of new websites and create a Google Adwords campaign for one of them
  • do some low level marketing including blogging and Twittering
  • write an ebook for the Money Gym called “How I Did It”.   Probably got the only legitimate one last on the list there…

Yup,   I know.   I’m tragic.

I also know that once I get off the treadmill very little gets done at all except eating, reading and snoozing and its highly likely that this list will remain just that, a list of good intentions.   

One of the things I love best about holidays is wondering how on earth one manages to work normally as the getting up/showering/eating/snoozing/reading routine fills the whole day so easily and can be intensely satisfying, especially in a foreign country where you have to forage for the best spots for most of the above.

Equally, there is also the very remote possibility that if I work like a dog in the next two weeks and cross as many of these off the list as possible in July, I will be able to step off Planet Work for 31 days.   In Blighty.   During what’s shaping up to be one of the best BBQ summers we’ve had for a while now.   Tempting.  

I’m liking that vision the more I dwell in it.

But…it’s just that a whole month off work is such an opportunity to get lots of (personal) work done, zapping tolerations which will make September-November so much easier while I am actually working.  

Go figure.  

Sadly, I havent got the time for that sort of navel-gazing; there’s work to be done around here!

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  1. Suzanne Doyle-Morris says:

    Okay, there it is – the list! I like the mix of mental and spatial tidy that no doubt leaves you feeling satisfied and like you have accompished something – (or is that just me?) even if it is just saving yourself from an untimely death from drowning amid a sea of paperwork, later in the year. Enjoy your summer, and bring on the good bbq weather!