Automate Everything

pink iPadNotice the chores you perform every day in your work. Do you need to be doing those, or could someone else or something else be doing them for you? What sort of help do you need with the repetitive tasks? The help could be human, but today I’m really talking about gizmos and geeky stuff.

If you have a business which uses the internet, you will know that you can automatically take money and invoice your clients for their purchases. How much tedious admin would that take off your own shoulders? Any and all businesses these days must take advantage of time-saving gadgetry; time is money. How else could technology help your business be lighter and leaner?

Closely track the various jobs which need doing within your working day, and everyone who works around you, and consider if some investment in technology could replace those chores, liberating you for the things which no computer will ever be able to do, for those bits which require a real human being and which I suspect you love.

In my own case that would be helping as many people as possible through coaching, which requires my attendance listening to clients, and helping to point them in the right direction.

I can be supported in that by a range of automatic systems – an online diary, a shopping cart, internet banking, e-mail, Instant Messenger, Skype and more. Excitingly, this range of options and support systems improves daily. We have only to keep up.

Procedures change and modernise all the time. My suggestion is that you automate whatever you can. Any investment you make now will free you up for the fun and make you more profitable after the initial investment has paid for itself.¬† What’s your time worth?¬† ¬†Remember, it is finite.

Free your mind and your soul. Automate everything you can and go light in this, the age of wonderful and ever more genius geekery and gadgetry.

Your Biz Your Way

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