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Directional sign with Work LifeMonday. 1st September 2014. Back to life. Back to reality.

It’s been a tremendous summer here in the UK and I am hopeful there’s still more sunshine to come and yet there’s something irrefutable about today. It’s the beginning of a new term, even though it is more than 40 years since terms were relevant to me. It’s something one never shakes off. It’s all I can do not to pop out and buy a nice new pencil case and a shiny pointy protractor.

My September new broom is sweeping clean. I am beginning today to experiment with some new ways of working.

I’ve moved my Monday Facebook live group with the Club 100 to the afternoon. That’s the first change of routine.

I am going to have a go at slaying the monster that my email so often becomes, and reducing my enslavement to it. I plan to skim emails as they come in, and reply only to those that require a reply in one batch later in the day. I might even aim for weekdays only. Obviously this excludes time-sensitive ones. Ish. Let’s see how it goes. I’m making the rules up as I go along here.

In an ideal world, I would create another new ‘rule’ for myself, one about not taking the iPad into the bedroom so that I can’t do any email or social media outside office hours. Let me give that a go. No promises, but better healthier sleep beckons if I can crack that one, for sure.

I fully recognise that my enslavement to the digital is an addiction and this, the first day of the new term, marks my start of another attempt to lessen that addiction’s grip on my life.

My gorgeous Club 100 clients did my blogging for me during August so I am going to take today to brainstorm a list of 30 topics I want to write about during September in my own voice. I am really looking forward to getting back to that. I didn’t realise that until I wrote it.

I am coming back up to speed slowly this week with some review time and I shall get back into some new habits e.g. a green juice a day for starters, and I am going to be taking care of some personal chores which so strangely make me feel better about myself – cleaning the car, taking the duvet to the laundrette, both of which take me away from my desk and offer trance-like possibilities. Lots of good happens for me and my clients when we are away from our desks, always assuming we have put the right stuff into play first. Don’t overlook that last bit by the way, it doesn’t work if you do.

I promised one of my clients I would try to work 3-5 hours a day instead of 8-13, in support of her working smarter. This should provide more thinking time, more reading time and more time for a considered response not a kneejerk one. Not everything is an emergency despite how the gadgets often make me feel.

I am easing back into my life and into my reality so I can choose it, not have it choose me.

If you were going to choose a Wonderful Life for yourself, starting today, what would yours look like?

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  1. Cristina says:

    Dear Judith,
    I totally second the changes you are bringing into your life, I think the one that got to me because i have been thinking about it too, it not to take my iPad to bed with me :)…I have been taking a book instead and spend more quality with my other half just before we go to sleep. I am actually having a healthy working time with my clients too, it encourage them to take their breaks, to work during the day and leave weekends for their family, hobbies or just to be with themselves…that is what I do anyway.

    The other day someone ask me if I could actually do a session THEY want to test with me (this is not a client but a service provider) and I was surprised that they offered me an appointment from 7 to 8pm!!! Why..why??? i thought to myself, WHY would I choose THAT time of the day??? So I said NO…this is family time and it is not negotiable! ….it felt so good!

    Love your new changes and I am so with you on this!
    much love

  2. Fiona says:

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    I loved reading this Judith. It is great to consider what possibilities await in September! Thank you for the marvellous Skype conversation on Saturday, and for your inspiring words. I look forward to being in touch more. Xxx