Q17: Will My Efforts Result in My Becoming a Bag Lady?

“The overwhelming ‘bag lady’ scenario that screeches into panoramic view whenever an idea that stretches me appears.”

OK, let me see if I get this one. The overwhelming bag lady scenario only screeches into view with a stretchy idea, but not with easier ones?

That is a form of delicious bonkersness, of course. Thank you!

I have been prey myself to the bag lady thing, on occasion. We all are. So what I and my self-employed pals do is go into it, explore it, see what it would be like and what might happen.

If you ended up in a cardboard box, who would offer you shelter?

I have a family. I wouldn’t want to prevail upon them, but I would in those circumstances and they certainly wouldn’t want a bag lady for a sister/aunt, but that is an option.

I have friends with houses with spare bedrooms, some with even more than one home. I wouldn’t want to prevail upon them either but I could. “Could I come and stay in your spare room for (say) a month or three?” You could line up a few of those I dare say, which might give you as much as a year to get back on your feet and – let’s face it – this isn’t going to happen anyway, is it?

But I do think it is useful asking yourself a series of What If questions for any fearful scenario. In that way, you can both bust through the bonkersness and reassure yourself that you DO have options. There are even places that genteel women such as ourselves can go and take up residence if we find ourselves distressed at any point in our lives. Communes where you volunteer in return for board and lodging. Somewhere you can make a contribution. Anyway, I’m not going to bang on about these because I know it’s not a serious question in that way.

It’s more about the idea that stretches you. Why do those have special powers of terror, I wonder? And why are you giving those ones the big screen panoramic treatment?

You are so very inventive in your rich fantasy life, I wonder if you have missed your vocation? Only joking! The last thing we need right now is a change of vocation. [Dear God, close one there, Judith!]

We need ways of calming your anxieties and hallucinations. Breathing. Knowing that everything is alright really because it always has been and it always will be.

Tell you what… I am wondering if one of the big stretchy ideas isn’t precisely The One you should be running with instead of a series of much smaller ones which tie you up in busyness?

And, honestly, when it comes to Bag Ladies, you are absolutely my favourite.


Exercise: Feel into the worst case scenario.

  • What options do you have, pre-cardboard box?
  • How resourceful could you be if your back was truly to the wall?
  • Do you need a Plan B?
  • If so, what is it?

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