Baggy Trousers – The First Sign Low Carb is Working

I’m writing about the next Low Carb group, the first proper one, based on what I’ve learned about how to help you best from the lovely go-first types in the July pilot. Here’s what they’ve told me I can share with you and remember… we are only half way through their 90 days.

“The change in how I feel has been amazing, I feel so well. The HUGE thing for me, why I started it in the first place, is that I have stopped snacking, without any effort! I just don’t want anything between meals, and the between meals has also stretched out so I am having a longer time between eating. I have slipped a little this week because our daughter came to stay and we went out every day, but I am back on it now, feeling good. Thank you so much, Judith, it has been life changing. I would also confirm that it is possible on a vegetarian diet with a little thought.” LP

“For support, suggestions, motivation and more, I love connecting with Judith and the others. Sharing our various victories and challenges has already made a difference to the way I think. I’ve had a few celebrations recently and I have actually had a plan and it’s been so helpful. Sometimes I’ve had the occasional item not on the plan but I’m making better choices by far, and getting back on track is easier. It’s been SO impactful on how I feel. I honestly haven’t felt this good in years, my head is clearer, and my tummy is more comfortable. It’s amazing how just a few changes can make such a difference. I’m delighted I have found this group – thank you, Judith and everyone!” LT

“I would say just do it; nothing to lose except pounds, remarkably quickly, without feeling hungry. I love that my clothes are looser and fit better, I love that my cholesterol has reduced from 7 to 4.1. Very happy to report feeling delighted with very noticeable results after only 5 weeks.” RH

“After only three weeks of joining the group my cravings for sweet things have gone, I am in control of my eating and, best of all, my clothes are feeling looser. All this without feeling hungry and deprived! Judith has inspired me to make the changes I wanted to make and I am well on my way to achieving my health goals.” DD

Here’s a photo of some of the addictive factory foods they begged me not to take away from them at our first session and which they managed to surrender faster than a speeding bullet!

September Low Carb Group

Start as early as you can in September. On the 1st, after the kids go back to school, after your birthday/wedding anniversary/any other useful delaying tactic, whatever you like except let’s do it before 25th because not only is that the second anniversary of the day I started but it gives you three months to the day until Christmas.

A little tip you might enjoy… Christmas, the turkey fest, is a doddle. It’s Easter, the chocolate fest, which you have to watch out for!

What do you get?

  • A personal 121 induction call with me. These days I love to do those on Facebook Messenger but we can do Skype if you prefer.
  • Membership of the September Facebook Group for 90 days, at the end of which I shall retire but you can keep it going if it’s helpful for you to stay on track (it will be!). Ask questions, share wins and losses.
  • Group Zoom calls at fortnightly intervals, six in all, recorded in case you cannot be there live. These are not webinars, they are drop-in calls so you can chat about your discoveries and be encouraged and heartened, celebrated and heard. Mostly laughter, almost no tears but a lot of amazing.
  • All the resources I’ve ever needed to drop six stone effortlessly without dieting including a website which I shall encourage you to study for about an hour at the start of your low carb adventure, and all the wisdom and knowledge I’ve gleaned from working with the July pilot group and on my own odyssey.

Here’s a photo of some of the healthier choices we’ve learned to substitute for Dairy Milk, crisps and Magnums.

Ready to Join the September Low Carbers?

I want just ten people in this group and Jean and Susan have bagged to first two spots.

So what you need to do is send me £100 via PayPal (or ask for online banking details if you prefer).

I will then schedule our induction call for early September or as soon as you are ready, add you to the FB Group and get you studying the few materials I consider to be essential.

What else do you need to know from me to decide that this is the right time?

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