Be Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What you Wish ForDay #2 of the 30DC and a right old turn up for the books. Half way through the morning, The Big U taps me on the shoulder from behind and says “Catch yourself on, Judith. Look what you are doing.”   I won’t say my blood ran cold, but an involuntary OMG fell from my lips very definitely as I realised I’d only gone and manifested what I’d cosmic ordered just before Christmas. Let me explain.

A while back, towards the end of last year, I had this thought which I shared with those close to me. What I want, really really want, right now, is for people, small business owners and their ilk, to be able to pick my brains for a fee, a subscription service. I want to be The Small Business Oracle. You could just email in or dial in and ask, so long as you were paying your very affordable, nay tiny, monthly sub.

I think I went off to see if the URL was available, as is my wont. It wasn’t. And I thought’ ho hum, never mind, saved me a few dollars there; who needs another website anyway?’ and opened a FB page of the same name instead and got Lotte to make me a banner. I haven’t really worked out yet how to make the best of that page but I have it anyway. I’m ready. I did all that I could with what I had from where I was.

I began to use the Oracle ‘branding’, such as it was. During January I devised (and on 1st February) I launched my new little biz group called Small Business Big Magic where clients could do precisely that – subscribe at £50 a month and phone in ten times a month and pick my brains. And we have a Facebook group too which is very active, sufficiently so that I could consider disbanding the Ask The Oracle Google Group which runs alongside it, I think. And together we have built a lovely little supportive community and we have a lot of laughs and we get stuff done. Creative projects are being launched and accelerated. Limiting beliefs are being busted and milestones achieved. It’s small, but it’s perfectly formed. And it’s early days.

I put a sticky post up the top of my website which says “Ask The Oracle: When’s Judith’s Next Small Business Drop-In Call?” and tells SBBM members when the upcoming calls are in a handy way they can access quickly whenever they like (as I remind them of that each time they ask in the FB group or email me!).

About December, I was consulting to a pal of mine, John Williams, about his business and he took the opportunity, while we were talking anyway, to ask me would I like to be the Coach in Residence at his 30 Day Challenge which would run in June and I said yes, I would. We’ve worked together before both as coach/client and co-conspirators and we are both Creators, which is always a challenge, but we work really well together, yin and yang.

It started, as you know, on Sunday 1st June, doors opening on Saturday 31st May. And yesterday I was half way through my morning, answering questions. On Saturday I did 80, on Sunday I did 95 and on Day #2 I did 139.

And then – at the Universe’s request – I caught myself on. I’ve only gone and manifested what I asked for, I’m only being paid to answer hundreds of questions from wannabe small business owners, just exactly as I imagined except in one tiny detail. I am doing it on someone else’s website not my own. But what the heck? I am The Small Business Oracle. I have downloaded my intention from divine escrow, I am doing the work I asked for. And it came into being the day John asked me, way back in December, to be part of his team, which was almost immediately I planted my dream seed, as Diane would call it, I just didn’t notice until today. Where was my head it?

That’s what my guru calls imprecise manifesting, but I tell you it’s pretty darn close. So … be careful what you wish for, because one day you’ll wake up and find yourself living it. And I’m chuffed to bits with my own manifestation and the work is making me just exactly as happy as I imagined it would and boy it is testing and satisfying, making use of everything I have learned in my career as a self-employed accountant, business coach and mentor and serial entrepreneur over the last forty years.

It feels so great to share that. I am such a lucky, lucky girl. And look! I can manifest just as easily as my magical clients do. Yee ha!


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