The Beauty of Self-Employment: Every Day is Unique

MC900356077The beauty of self-employment, for me, is that no two days are the same. Today, a Tuesday, always my least favourite day of the week at school, looks like this:

First thing I will blog. This is it. Blogging is something I love to do, it is also a central plank of my marketing. I have also challenged myself to blog every day throughout 2014 and today is Day 77. Don’t they mount up quickly?

Next, there is a call-in between 11 and 12.30 for the members of my Small Business Big Magic group. This group is now entering the 7th week of its life and we have twelve active members, having added two new ones yesterday. That’s a good day, when two new people join one of my groups.  I love welcoming new small business owners into a community dedicated to their success, whatever that may look like to them individually.

Small Business Big Magic costs only £50 pcm and it offers clients an individual induction call so I get to know their business and their intentions for it. Then we work together in a group of other small business owners who all help and support each other. We do this in a group on Facebook, which is the clients’ space, a Google Group called Ask Judith, which is my space, and at least 10 x 90-minute group calls each month where clients can call in and work with me in the presence of the others, or sometimes even alone as traffic varies enormously. I encourage clients to call in at least once a week as that way they get traction and accountability and their business moves forward. With this group, it is my intention to be on call to my clients 2-3 times a week and to build a community and I schedule the calls to suit clients in Australia, USA, UK and Europe.

At 12.30 I will have thirty minutes for a quick lunch and catch-up with emails and Facebook.

After lunch today I have three 1-2-1 clients who are members of my Club 100. Membership of this group is somewhat similar except at £100 pcm it does include one hour each month 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring with each member. This limits how many clients can be in the group. We are currently just shy of 30 members which is about the right number and I have room for two more. In Club 100 we have a Monday morning accountability report-in system which many, but not all, use to good advantage. Not all businesses fit that model but I encourage clients to take two additional steps a week on top of their normal workload, and eventually these steps lead to a better place. Club 100 includes a Cashflow game and we have a series of those coming up – one a month in April, May, June and July, which is enough to fit everyone in – and a summer party we have already scheduled for 9th August.

Clients can book themselves into my online diary which is a boon in a busy week, though not perfect as it does give rise to a few enquiries where people have booked themselves in and think they haven’t and vice versa. Also time differences with clients the other side of the world can be challenging. I have Wednesday as my ANZAC day where I get up early to work with clients in Australia and New Zealand. Note to self, that’s tomorrow so an early night is required today.

The rest of my workload is admin and emails and a few personal and business items to tick off my list. That’s the broad shape of Tuesdays- Thursdays each week, my coaching days. Monday afternoons and Fridays are often my personal time though this Friday, after my weekly newsletter, I have a client visiting me for some personal coaching face to face which I am much looking forward to.

What does your day look like? Is every day unique in your business too? Do share any day which is representative. What makes it unique? Mine is that the clients turn up in different combinations with different challenges and that keeps me mentally alert and on my toes. I never know what to expect, and that’s part of the beauty too.

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