My Favourite Ways to Begin the Business Day

Laptop on Kitchen Table with Cup of CoffeeHere are my favourite ways to begin the Business Day.

  • A cup of coffee and a prospective new client
  • A cup of coffee and a new client
  • A cup of coffee and an old client
  • A cup of coffee. I make it myself using my Nespresso machine; I am one of South London’s finest baristas (little known fact).
  • Recording the podcast with Nicola
  • Time to think; something is unexpectedly re-scheduled for later in the day, giving me time to start slowly for a change, catch up on Facebook, gaze out the window, sit in my nightie, idle a bit, there’s no rush.
  • A brilliant creative idea in the shower
  • A thought (in the shower) for a blog post I could write today
  • Divine intuition downloaded (in the shower) for a client – or for me
  • Waking up early, watching the colours of dawn through the half-drawn curtains from my warm, toasty bed with Mitsy at my side, enjoying being awake but sleepy in a warm, cosy way. Allowing.
  • The postman delivering a surprise gift of flowers, an autographed/dedicated copy of a book a client has written or something a client has made and thought to send to me.
  • A lie-in, thinking about what I will write in my newsletter, wondering, being open to thoughts and feelings and more brilliant ideas and divine intuition
  • Journaling

Do you have lovely morning rituals or favourite ways of starting your business day?

Several of my clients are getting great results with creating morning habits courtesy of a book called Miracle Morning and practising SAVERS – Silence, Affirmations, Visualisation, Exercise, Reading and Scribing.

What makes your mornings miraculous?

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  1. Judith Morgan says:

    Always good to keep surprising your husband, Alice!

  2. The last few mornings I have woken early, too early, feeling nervous and slightly sick about a deadline for creative work. Contrary to all my previous habits, and much to my husband’s surprise I have been getting up, having a cup of TEA 😉 in my dressing gown and either getting a small nugget of work done or retiring back to bed with my book for 20 minutes. This morning when I woke at the usual time I was almost disapppointed!

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