What Do You Believe About Your Business?

Choosing-Better-Beliefs-150x150I was listening to a very thought-provoking CD in my car this week as I was going about my business.   It was about happiness, how we choose it, or not.   And I realised the same principles apply to our businesses as to our lives.

What do you believe about your business?

  • Do you believe, for instance, that it takes three years to get a business off the ground?   Then it will.
  • Do you believe that it will be hard work, a struggle? Then you’ll prove yourself right.
  • Do you believe that good staff are hard to find, and retain? Then they will be.
  • Do you believe that it takes a stack of money to start a successful business?   Then it does.
  • Do you believe that everything has to be difficult for you? Then it is.

I’m sure you get my point and I’ll not be-labour it; my readers here are a bright lot. But I find myself wondering what examples of your own you can find.

What about choosing to run your business and organise your life another way?   What about selecting more empowering beliefs? How about investigating what your underlying beliefs are, measuring what results they have brought you so far and abandoning the ones that aren’t working for you?

And if you were to choose to believe better, more productive, supportive and fun beliefs – what might they be?

I think mine would be that I can attract clients effortlessly and in just the right numbers.   That I am free to choose when and how I work.   That I have total freedom over every aspect of my career and life.   That money is wonderful stuff and it’s easy to come by oodles of it, enjoy it and share it generously.   That there is always plenty of time to do everything I want.   That life is fun and keeps getting better every day.   That I am lucky and fortunate and grateful and successful and that it’s all easy.

And I am happy, healthy, fit, wealthy, loved and peaceful.

So now my new beliefs are around effortlessness, freedom, wodges of cash, plenty of time, personal choice, fun, love, peace, health, wealth, success and good fortune – a place of abundance, ease and attraction, not hard work, slog, scarcity, unhappiness and burden.

What different choices would you make now that you think about it?   What new beliefs will you create?

And how will your business be more successful if you start to operate from those new beliefs today?

Your Biz Your Way

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