Best Small Business Blogs for 2017

blog-684748_640Just before Christmas, writer Daniel Kidd let me know that he had selected me as one of the twenty best small business blog for 2017. Always an honour to get recognised for blogging, or anything for that matter.

Here’s a link to Daniel’s list – The Best 20 Small Business Blogs to Subscribe to for 2017.

I use Feedly to subcribe to my favourite small business blogs and they are all written by my clients. Here’s a handful of the more prolific of my faves:

Sam Dounis , Stories to Inspire

Sally Kirkman Astrologer, Consultant to the Stars

Alice Sheridan, Contemporary Landscape Artist

Andrea Jordan, Business Strategist and Digital Nomad

Justina Hart, Author Afloat

Susan Weeks, Podcast Progress

Joanna Urwin, Video Pro France

Riana Avis, Pragmatic Solutions

Kate Beavis, Vintage Design for a Modern Lifestyle

Vania Phitidis, Peaceful Eating

Alison Read, Digital Content

Jo Baker, Do This or Die

Sarah Swanton, Freedom from Depression

Liz Medhurst, Urban Alchemy

Kevin Saunders, Yogaground

Amanda Johnson, VA Training

What’s your favourite small business blog? Do share.

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