Best Value Business Mentoring

Best ValueI shared a post on Facebook today from a coach I rate. She was putting forward a point about what to do when your niche becomes a prison. And it made me think about my own niche, that of business coaching and mentoring, which isn’t a prison and isn’t even restrictive in any way to me. I love it. Lucky me.

But whatever business we are in we need to market our skills and services and products. And we need to do this all the time, as another client reminded me today also, otherwise we end up in a cycle of feast and famine which gets pretty tiring.

And yet these are straightened times and not everyone who needs and wants a business coach/mentor can find a place in their budget to afford one. So what is my solution? I went for a stripped down version of my service starting at just £100 a month. I think this is the best value business mentoring I could possibly offer to those in need and absolutely the rock bottom price at which I could make myself available to clients in my Club 100.

Do all my clients pay me that? Do they all join the Club? No. Some pay more because they want more than an hour a month on Skype and a bespoke solution tailor-made to their business and its needs and their budget. And they get it. I believe that clients drive the coaching relationship and in my business they get what they want.

So, how can I help you and your business? Or do you know someone who is skint but still needing a guiding hand which is affordable? Do please pass the word about the best value business mentoring in town. I’d love to help us all come out of this in a better place and today, in the sunshine, it’s easy to see the upside and the green shoots.

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Make sure you don’t get killed. Talk to me and let’s find a way to work together at a price you can afford, taking your business to a better place. The first call’s on me to talk it through and see if we are a good fit and if I think I can help you and your biz. No strings. Can’t say fairer than that?

I’m going to be offering this throughout May – affordable flexible business coaching and mentoring with the first session for free and let’s see what happens. I’m looking forward to connecting with some new clients and re-connecting with some old. These longer days are perhaps the perfect time to be injecting some new energy into your business and shining a light into the dark corners where the secrets lurk.

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