Your Best and Worst, Glorious and Unrepentant

My best and worst clients are one and the same.

I had an idea for this post which was too clever by half. I was going to be all ironic and funny about my “worst” clients until I realised that they are, in fact, my best clients because they provide me with the opportunity to do my best work in helping them to do theirs.

I also couldn’t be sure you’d get the joke, since irony doesn’t always translate in the written word. It could just have come across as sneery when I meant it as anything but. I’ve been caught on that trap before, and boy do I hate to be misunderstood.

You, my worst clients, are what my brother would call a “management challenge”, i.e. testing. You test me in as much as I have to think of ways to reach you and help you and love you exactly as you are. I’ll confess, that last one isn’t difficult for me, and the other ones are just stretchy. In a good way. Otherwise I might get bored. I guess. Although I never get bored but hey.

I suspect you have clients like this too. And I’m not talking about the sort of client we should both sack because they are a pain in the ****. I’m talking about clients who give us pause for creative thought, while we work out the best way to help them get the results they want from whatever we are working on with them and for them.

I’m talking about helping you to raise your vibration because when you are in that energetic space, you are a magical manifester.

I’m talking about those who simply will not market yourselves, and need me to persuade and cajole and enable you to see that visibility is good, doesn’t require pratfalls or nakedness, and is the route to the income you desire and deserve.

Coaches. I’ll confess I think “oh no, not another one of those” and yet I absolutely know I can help us coaches to find a way to see that while we may have coaching tools in our toolboxes, that’s not what our clients buy. It’s what we’ll use to help our clients achieve their desires, not what we’ll sell. Also there are so many better words than “coach” and I am convinced we’ll find one that works for you. Consultant. Confidante. Cheerleader. Expert.

My best clients include those who are ill or very busy in your personal lives or day jobs and apologetic that you haven’t got much done this week/month/year and are beating yourselves up about it. I can bring perspective and get you to see you can’t do your best work when you are feeling that poorly, you have to focus on getting back to close to full strength first. And that when you have been sideswiped by life, you need to take the time to deal with it and heal. There’ll always be work, and you can return fully to it when the time is right.

Left to your own devices, you are loath to pat yourself on the back or see how much you’ve grown in confidence and how you think and feel about yoursef may not reflect the truth, rather the habit. You can rely on me to point that out to you, so that you can stand on that achievement or change and grow taller still.

Newbie? I’ll get you to see your potential, reassure you that you are fit for business and that your ideas are good and that with some streamlining you can make an abundance with which to support yourself in the style to which you’d like to become accustomed, or reacquainted.

I come up with inspiration, answers, feel-good and recommendations when you are all out of those and the cupboard is bare.

I talk through complex or tough life decisions and either reinforce your own wisdom or get you to see your opportunities in another more helpful, interesting and enabling light.

I support you through getting done whatever it is that you are avoiding, without needing to resort to usage of trite homilies about what’s on the other side of your fear or comfort zone. Yawn.

I bring you back from doing, doing, doing, to creating some space for allowing. And being. On that topic you might enjoy this piece of writing by Dan Norris which is about how often more hard work isn’t what’s required.

I can prep you for tricky meetings.

And show you how to forgive yourself if that’s required.

I see you at your best and worst and everywhere in between. I don’t judge, but aim instead to provide the balancing perspective, the most nurturing growth medium to support you where you are right now. And then, later, I get to share in your proud delight for your wins, successes and achievements, some of which MIGHT require getting outside of that dreaded homily (see above). But what if they could be easy? I know…easy!

I see your best and worst and together we learn to treat those two imposters both the same.

What’s your zone of genius I wonder?

Should we have an exploratory chat about it? The first one’s always free. And if you’ve had that one and are not ready to commit to a group or a longer relationship, book yourself in for another and pay what you want by donation.

Those PWYW ones are really useful if you’ve been a client historically and we know each other quite well already and you are in need of a little top up or booster session. Did one of those last Saturday, and there’s another one booked in this week too. Blasts from the past.

My online diary is really busy right now and I couldn’t be more chuffed about that, and so I’ve opened up some more availability to accommodate all comers. If you cannot find a date and time to suit due to your own circumstances, the days/hours you work or your time zone, then please contact me and we’ll resolve it by email or PM via Facebook instead.

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