Beyond Imposter Syndrome: Podcast Ep 192

Margaret Collins is our guest today and she is an academic and a lecturer who describes herself as a working-class girl made good. She made some life changes when in her forties she realised she was about to become a full-time carer for her disabled sister and a job wasn’t going to fit into that well or be as flexible as self-employment.

Margaret has published Beyond Imposter Syndrome and she talks to us about

  • what IS is
  • where it comes from
  • how IS feels
  • what to do about it

It’s universal, there’s nothing wrong with us, 72% of the world’s population experience it and she has strategies for life beyond IS.

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In other news, Nicola is zapping tolerations, she’s been to the Greek dentist and she’s on a bit of a purple streak when it comes to manifesting which is good because today’s the day she hears the news about the writing competition she’s entered.

I’ve been out to dinner again with my West Country cousins, had a tizzy-inducing 15 minutes on Monday morning (all good) and sorted out an anomaly with a dormant account at PayPal with help from my computer chap, Eric, who created the fix remotely from Rwanda!

Our fires have been fuelled by N enjoying a day with fellow writer, Linda, in her air-conditioned house in which they studied some plotting masterclasses. And I’m excited about conducting, recording and uploading my first of 13 Zoom meetings in my July low-carb group which now has 15 paying members who are achieving results both fast and slow.

Our Words of the Week are Induction (mine) and Humid (hers).

Our project updates include Nicola telling us some more about working with her new special client, their first board meeting, vision and values, timelines and working with the EOS systems as outlined in Traction, and me revealing that part of the Monday morning excitement was about being invited to London to meet the woman who is looking for someone to look after her house and dog for three years. I’ve been put forward by a friend and we are meeting on Tuesday when fortunately the temperatures in London will be only 24, not the 34 they are at the time of writing.

Nicola is impressed by the rescue of 750+ people from the Greek fires in missions involving both sea and air. And I loved Mamma Mia 2 at the movies and their aircon.

We are not recording any shows during August this year but we’ll be back with a bang on the first Friday in September, refreshed and ready to go again.

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