Big Talk

If you are the sort of person who feels better for a good talk, join the club. Me too!

As a woman who’s been helping her clients enjoy happier lives for nearly 40 years, I’ve enjoyed thousands and thousands of conversations with people just like you. And I know it makes a big difference to have someone with whom to share things you might not have told another living soul, perhaps not even admitted to yourself.

  • A confidante
  • An ally
  • A secret weapon
  • Someone who helps you excavate your best you

I’ve discovered that lots of us get clear about our thoughts and feelings when we talk, and when we are fully heard and appreciated. You feel more energised, less foggy, and less confused by all the choices and all the “shoulds”. You re-discover the secrets of your innermost heart and you remember it’s OK to want those things too, despite what you fear others in your life may think or say.

skype-835470_640I help clients create wonderful lives through a series of significant conversations. And it all begins with you talking and getting a good listening to. Come prepared to talk and let’s follow where that leads. Together we’ll co-create, raise your vibration and clear out all that stands between you and what you want.

Big Talk is a partnership which includes ten 60 minute Skype conversations drawn down at whatever intervals suits you. Your investment is £1500 and I throw in various other little perks too such as full email support, PM availability via Facebook if desired and the option to join any of my paid Facebook groups if you value a community of others just like you.

Here’s what to do if you want to engage in some life-altering conversations:

  1. Email me and say you’re in
  2. Let me know how you prefer to pay – via PayPal or ask for bank details (online banking)

I’ll respond swiftly and we’ll set up your first call as soon as you like now that you are a VIP client.

Big Talk’s going to change your life, your work, your business, your money – we can talk about anything and everything. Prepare for a magical transformation.