A Bit of a Webby Meltdown

Mature woman beachMy websites have been offline for 48 hours and counting. Although this is distressing, not least because I have promised myself I would blog and publish every day during 2014 and to hit such a snag so soon in this newish year is a pain, I am surprisingly calm.

Why’s that?

Because it’s not my fault or my problem. My hosting company in Canada has had one of their servers hacked, the one which hosts four of my own websites and, no doubt, millions of others. And they have been working most of the weekend and all of Monday so far to try and sort us all out. What it must be like in their world doesn’t bear contemplating.

My websites being down is often distressing but this is when the ball lies in my court, when I have to pay my web team for the fix. Given that this is completely 100% outside my remit and all I have to do now and again is gently nudge to see how close they are to putting me back online, I am uncharacteristically chilled.

Blogging in Word is not my thing. I like to write straight into my back end of my WordPress site and press Publish then and there. But I am still doing it, still writing, still creating and stashing content and I know I can publish the posts I have in hand just as soon as I am back online.

I have so much else in my life I could stress about right now that it is a bit of a blessing not to have to sort this one out too.

And it’s a choice.

I wish I could tell you I am always this laid back. I am not, as many will attest. But something I am coming to appreciate myself for more and more is that I do not worry about things before they happen/if they happen, or about things it is not my problem to resolve. My pushing and shoving this one isn’t going to create a solution one moment faster and I expect they have plenty of other caffeine-fuelled and outraged customers doing that for me.

Of course there is a business cost to being offline as I am a person who markets her services entirely online. But I don’t think anyone is going to miss me for a couple of days.

As Richard Carlson would say, don’t sweat the small stuff.

And as Judith Morgan would say don’t sweat the stuff which isn’t yours to sweat.

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  1. Frank Jurga says:

    Not true Judith, I did miss you for a couple of days

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