Blessed: 31 Days of Abundance, Day Twenty Nine

This wonderful testimonial flooded in last week from Karen on Facebook. I have her permission to share.

Pray Rain“I am grateful that since listening to a random podcast which lead to a random Google search for “Judith Morgan” and subsequent Entrepreneur of the Day call, I am on the path to realizing my dream.

It was fear, Judith. I was afraid to do it in case it worked and I got the life I dreamed of.

I was stuck in a scarcity mind set. Thanks for setting me free.

I love your blogs. I love your daily reminders of abundance.

I love that you share great books that you have read and then I go and read them and I am even more inspired and creative and abundant.

I love that you are already doing what I am trying to do and doing it so well that you are a constant source of inspiration.

I feel blessed to have crossed paths with you and I am certain that we will meet one day, whether it is in your little London Shed or on your Caribbean Island.

It’s on my vision board and will most certainly appear on Pray Rain at some stage – that lovely little place where fantasy is reality.”

Your Biz Your Way

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