Sunday Blessings

Choose HappinessSunday seems like a good day to count one’s blessings. Er, actually, now that I come to think of it every day is a good day for counting one’s blessings!

Today, here are just a few of the infinite number of blessings in my life that I am choosing to appreciate in this moment.

My health

I am grateful that I don’t have to think about my health all that much which gives rise to the risk of taking it for granted. I do not. I feel very blessed indeed that I am strong and healthy and emotionally robust.

My peace and quiet

Peace and quiet is my No 1 need so that I can be spiritually nourished and ready to do my work. Despite living in London, I am grateful that mostly my neighbours and I peacefully co-exist and find the patience and good judgement to turn a deaf ear to the occasional infringement.

My clients

I am very lucky indeed that I have work I love with business owners and creative entrepreneurs and that increasingly we are all moving in a direction which is as much about having a wonderful life as it is about the single-minded pursuit of profits. Variety is the spice of my working life and I am so thrilled to draw to me fabulous people who work in a variety of different markets, professions and niches.

The sanctuary of my home

Because I live in London my home is small, but it is also perfectly formed and clutter-free and it meets all of my needs. It includes Mitsy the cat, the Abundance Shed, a comfy cosy bed, hot and cold running water, a washing machine, a shower, a big garden, central heating and WiFi. How does it get better than that?


It’s very jolly to be able to see the lighter side of life in any moment. Either you’ve got one, or you haven’t. Fortunately I have and it has steered my very nicely through some of life’s trickier patches.

A business that allows me to experiment

Right now my current favourite experiment is with inviting clients to Pay What You Want. Fab.

A Kindle full of reading material 

What riches! A huge amount of books on my Kindle, and the ability to carry my entire library with me on each and every trip.

A chance to write every day

And express myself on this, my blog. And a writing desk with a view of the garden.

London on my doorstep

Everywhere in this beautiful city is only a very short drive for me as my home is very central. I love driving, especially round town. And it is lovely to see the sights (again, without taking them for granted) and enjoy them so close at hand. Never more than twenty minutes to anywhere I want to go.

My Creative and Curious Brain

I’m never bored.

My Gadgets

In addition to my Kindle, I love my laptop for work and my iPad for leisure. I appreciate having the answer to every question at my fingertips which means my curiosity is always satisfied in a heartbeat, or pretty much always anyway.

Ocado and Amazon

All my needs are met without the need to ever visit a shop. Bliss.

Cinema and TV

Some wonderful drama but increasingly I notice I learn the best stuff from watching real people do real things or talk about their lives. I learn stuff which is useful for my clients and stuff which is useful for my own life guidance. And I am moved and inspired.

This Wonderful Weather

The apparently endless summer of 2014, days and days and days of sunshine, my very favourite thing.

Friends and Family

Love and support and good times.

A Nespresso Machine

A quality cup of George on tap; going to reward myself with one now.

What are you appreciating this Sunday? There’s so much it’s difficult to know where to start – and stop!

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  1. Judith Morgan says:


    I am blessed to have you in my life, too.


  2. Julia says:

    I am currently appreciating free wifi on the train as it is allowing me to comment here. The list of things I appreciate today could fill a page and more, but in brief…
    The joy of reading other people’s good, happy-making stuff… thank you for sharing your abundant list with us as it encourages others to do the same and prompted me to think about all that is good right now.
    A wonderful 24 hours with my Mum, free from the usual distractions… you know what (who I mean 😉 )
    The books and the people who have supported me in getting to where I am now and in particular in saying the things I said to my Mum today which felt extraordinarily difficult to voice, but I know will bring us closer together and already have.
    The view of endless skies and lush fields and hills that my position right now on a train somewhere between Birmingham and London, currently provides.
    A short walk down a lane I used to stroll along as a child that then became a long ramble to and through the park I played in as a child and hung out in as a teen and took my big son towhen he was small and then up across fields I visited as a child that are now footpaths and nature reserves and just bliss to revisit, remembering them as they were, but totally appreciating them as they are now, especially with the company of Mum.
    The changing colours as Autumn announces herself louder and louder.
    Playful squirrels.
    Strangers’ greetings and smiles.
    The ongoing compost and feedback from Friday’s workshop.
    Simple food and much more besides.

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