Blog Marketing: How Often Should I Blog?

Blog-MarketingSixty percent of businesses have a business or company blog. 35% of those actively blog at least once a month and the remaining 65% haven’t updated their blog in one year or more. Oh dear. Is that you?

In a film called Ghost Town, in which Ricky Gervais plays a dentist, one of his patients asks him “Doctor, should I floss?” and he replies “Only the teeth you want to keep”! Similarly, you need develop a blogging habit only if you want new clients and lots of lovely new business coming your way via your website.

I’ve been blogging for what seems like forever. I am relatively prolific. I certainly do it a lot more than once a month. I tell clients they should aim for 2-3 times a week and that they should start off with once a week without fail. Currently I am aiming for every working day. Sometimes I achieve it and sometimes I don’t. But here’s what I am noticing: people are finding me on the web. Yay!

I only do web marketing and my blog is a central plank of that and after what feels like years and years of fairly consistent blogging, guess what? It’s only working! And better than that, twenty percent of my current 2013 clients not only found my website via some vague Google search terms they cannot remember, but they signed up then and there, on the spot, one without even speaking to me.

I know blogging isn’t to everyone’s taste and many don’t find it easy but I would encourage you to persevere, you will improve with practice and it will get easier. There are lots of ways you can do this and they are all fun and whilst you need to carry them out regularly and often, they are not hard work. How about audio blogging? Speak into a platform such as Audioboo and link your audio blog to your website and to social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Audioboo also connects to iTunes. Lovely! A huge global audience who love to listen and are hungry for content.

What about creating a video so the visual types of the world can see you or watch slides and hear you talking about your expertise? Again these videos can be on your website and you can share via social media and, most importantly of all, on YouTube which will do you a power of good in terms of being visible on the web.

Still need more help to blog? Together with Marion Ryan I run The Blog Partnership where we teach you how to get good at blogging, how to become prolific and how to get results from your blogging. It takes a while. As with everything else, slow and steady wins the race coupled with consistent action and learning what you need to know in bite-sized chunks. We review your blog and your website and get you doing it better so you too can learn how to get more clients from your online presence and how to get found for your expertise on the World Wide Web by becoming an authority blog.

Perhaps the single most challenging thing about blogging is what to write about. Even as a professional blogger, I sometimes hit a dry patch where I cannot think of a single thing I want to say despite the fact that my nickname is Little Miss Chatterbox. That’s normal. It goes with the territory, and that’s even before we mention sundry fears like exposing too much of oneself online and what will people think and what if I’m not a good enough writer and other nameless dreads which are all, by and large, utter nonsense I am confident we can talk you out of. Feel the fear, do it anyway and watch those fears subside.

Blogging topics come more readily to you once you have committed to creating the blogging habit. Almost every tiny thought can be spun into 400 keyword-rich words which demonstrate your skills and expertise and which give your potential client a flavour of you to help them decide to buy from you and also promotes the know, like and trust factor.

I’ve lost count of the times I say every day “that would make a great blog post”. Now all I need to learn is to (a) write them down and (b) remember what my notes mean when I look at them. A little notebook where you scribble down and save your ideas is invaluable. Others choose to use something like Evernote or record their ideas on their iPhone.

Blogging works. Short and sweet works well for me; little and often ditto. I hope this article will encourage you to make more money with your blog using only your words and your time.

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