Blogfest 10: Kerry Hales and Her Biz Her Way

Blogger #10 has rocked up in my virtual reality and this is SO COOL because blogging was what first introduced Kerry ‘n me. When I was blogging every day from a Caribbean island Christmas in December 2006, Kerry wrote to me to exclaim that I was living her ideal life. But that was then, and this is now. Read on as she writes about why she runs her biz her way:


I am in a Blogfest!  I know it sounds exciting doesn’ it!  I do love a blog, but I really love a group of inspired women and I feel very privileged to say that Judith was the business coach who gave me some brilliant blog know how many years ago in a blogging challenge!  In fact, we have known each other for 13 years.  She is one powerhouse of a coach, so when she tags you in a post requesting blogs, and you reply… you act!

Judith is writing a book and a blog.  I and many other brilliant (ahem yes I am one of those…) bloggers have been tasked with answering questions about ourselves and our businesses.  Some answers you may know about me and some of which you may not. Let us begin.

Question One: 
What do you do that counts as running ‘Your Biz Your Way?’

My way is sometimes a little muddled.  A little rough around the edges but full of heart and integrity.  So my way is full of how I actually live and I put that into my business – I could not work with anyone without being fully me in what I ask of them and the space I create to coach.  I work in an industry where there are many kinds of coaches and because I like to go deep, it has to come from a place of integrity, grit and honouring who they are.  For me to ask them to come to that space, to find their truth or their soul, it has to come from a clear space.  So for me this question is about the space I create and what I spend a LOT of time working on is the ability to leave me out of my work.  Leave my ego and any judgement out of it.  And for that to happen I work daily on my mindset and energy.  So doing it my way is about being fully present so I can feel every little nuance – because lives depend on it.  I take it that seriously.  I have to be me in it.  So that means I am all in or I am out.

I do not and will not post if I am not being me.  And yet this is changing. I share the struggles as well as the wins.  I cheerlead and I tell my truth no matter how much I want to be the shiny coach syndrome… or not, really.

Question Two:
What do you do differently in your work that illustrates that? Why did you make up your mind to do it like that?

I now only attract clients who are ready to work with me.  I am full on.  I tell it as it is – with a whole barrel load of compassion and love.  But there will be no off areas or places we don’t go.  I need a free rein.  When I first started my business and I was just another life coach out there with all the others I didn’t have the courage or understanding of who I was or who I wanted to work with.  Now I know.  I am feisty – and my clients generally scare me if I let my mind get into the conversation; they are powerful – and yet they may not feel it.  And before this list gets carried away with itself, I am very visual in my marketing as this is my preferred way of showing clients who I am and what they are getting when they work with me.  I can write – but ask me to go live and talk about ____ and I will do it in an instant.  Not a second thought.  Just go. Share and be me.  In terms of business, I love this new way of sharing.  Why do it like that?  Because it is me.  And it shares my values and what I coach.  To be fully you doing what you love.

Question three:
How do you go against the grain or against the received wisdom in ways which make you happier in yourself, more productive and more abundant in your biz?

I work only short hours and I have clear boundaries in work/life.   I do not aspire to the hustle model.  I love to watch those who do and the results they make but, for me, especially as my business took off  started when I met my man and started our family, I wrestled with the work hard model as I didn’t have the time and I wanted to enjoy this special time. I had my boys when I was 39 and 40. So, even now, my business goals are focused on how we can travel and teach our boys life skills whilst we travel.  Which means I have a laptop, I declutter frequently (21-day challenge just finished) and I can coach anywhere with a space to be alone and online.

Question four:
Tell us about you personally in your post and what you/your business does

I am a coach.  I get caught up in what kind but what I do is hold a space of authenticity for my clients to feel who they are.  My expertise is asking questions that come from a space of deep curiosity, asking the questions that others fear to ask.  Why do people come to me?  When they know that what they have is great but… and they just can’t figure what the but is.  I have a wicked sense of humour and share this with my clients.  The ability to laugh at life is essential to a happy one.  So I use this a lot.  I also love to see where I can shock people.  I have a potty mouth and use this to test people.  If you can get offended by a word I will poke you enough to get over it.  Why?  Because if you are to go after a dream and you are knocked offline by getting offended easily we need to work on your resilience.

Due to the nature of coaching and talking about life, there is usually a release of emotions – I am compassionate and confronting in equal measure – I can go where we need to go; fierce or friendly.  But I will not give up.  My job is about lives and I take it very seriously.  I LOVE what I do and I am all in.  ALL IN.  I am intense when I work but the results we create from that space are life changing and for that, I will go anywhere.

I offer one to one coaching, one-day masterminds, workshops and this year retreats are coming!

My home life is with my partner and my beautiful boys by the beach.  We have a simple yet magical life and every day I am very, very grateful for that.

Read Kerry’s piece at her own enviably beautiful website HERE.

Dear Kerry, Dear Kerry, Dear Kerry

How wonderful that your guest blog here on mine completes our circle, and I’d even forgotten about the 28-day Blogging Challenge and yes, that was in a February too.

This piece is, typically, so you. I appreciate you for your candour and the energy which shouts at me from the page, and for your ability to follow the brief!

We’ve both been coaching for ages, not many people can say that, it isn’t the easiest way to make a living perhaps but surely it must be the most rewarding in every other way. By the sound of it (and no surprise to me) anyone would be lucky to have you as their coach. What you write reminds me of Cristina Palma, I wonder if you have come across each other. I think you’d enjoy that. She has the same play full out/live and work all in vibe that you describe so well here, and she’s also a coach from that place. You almost describe your vibe with the energy of your piece even more than with your words per se, if that makes sense?

You had me at “A little rough around the edges but full of heart and integrity.” Who could ask for more? I cannot imagine and frankly it would be churlish of them! Love to you as always and especially for writing this for me. See you both in March. x

Your Biz Your Way

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