Blogfest 15: Linda Anderson and Her Biz Her Way

Today I am delighted to meet and publish EFT-er Linda Anderson. I LOVE EFT and I have even been using it this weekend and I recommend it throughout my book. Linda’s piece is entitled When Your Business is Not Your Business:

Are you having fun in your business? Do you wake up eager to get started each day? Or are you stressed out by All The Things you should be doing that never get done, no matter how often you set aside time to do them? There’s always something more important to do first. Like tidying up your email folders or checking what’s trending on Twitter. If it’s the latter, it may be a sign you’re running someone else’s version of your business.


Some will feel like fun to you, others make you groan inside. It took me an embarrassingly long time to realise this! I’m sharing what I learned along the way to creating a business I love in response to Judith Morgan’s invitation to join her Your Biz Your Way Blogfest. And because creating a business that’s in alignment with your natural flow, that’s congruent on every level with Who You Really Are, is absolutely key to the success of your business – and your happiness as a Being. The conversation continues over on Judith’s blog.


You may be doing things a particular way because an expert has said ‘Do it this way because it works’, when in truth what they mean is ‘because it has worked for me’. And ‘me’ is not Who You Really Are. Which creates an undercurrent of anxiety and self-doubt, because you’re likely out of alignment with your natural flow. It parallels what happens to us as children when we learn to hide away Who We Really Are in order to be Who They (anyone in authority) Want Us To Be. Imposter Syndrome often starts here.


And how did my business end up looking the way it looks today? Well I spent a long time in the wilderness, diligently soaking up hours and hours of free online marketing trainings and trying to implement all of them. I see now how crazy that was, why I felt so overwhelmed and in danger of burning out. I was trying to build a presence on all of the social media platforms, to speak to everyone in my messaging (because what I do can help anyone with anything, right?) and I ended up reaching very few people at all. Certainly not enough clients coming my way to pay my bills.


For the longest time I threw marketing spaghetti at the wall to see what would stick. Trouble is I didn’t realise it was spaghetti, and I couldn’t see the wall. All I knew was it was exhausting and I felt like giving up. I began to doubt I had what it takes to build a business. Maybe I wasn’t good enough. Maybe there was something wrong with me Eventually I enrolled with a great business coach who helped me get clear on my niche (heart-centred business owners who want to make a difference) and what I wanted to offer them (help clearing out their blocks to being more visible and charging well for what they do). She also helped me create my first free give-away and design my first 1-2-1 transformational programme.


And I started to fly solo again. (Doh, bad idea. Silly me!) I loved the 1-2-1 work but I understood it had limitations, so clearly an online group programme had to be the next step for me. It was obvious, wasn’t it? Now money blocks are one of my favourite juicy topics to work with, so I set about creating an online programme ‘Make Friends With The Money Monster – 6 Weeks to Clear Your Blocks to Money & Success’. But I just couldn’t get momentum on it. I spent a good 12 months trying to force myself to create this thing and it felt like pushing a gigantic rock up a hill, that rolled back down as fast as I managed to push it up. Not a lot of fun!

I thought perhaps I had some inner sabotage going on. I was definitely nervous before addressing a group in a way that I never was before a 1-2-1 session. So I had some Tapping sessions with a colleague and did the work to feel comfortable and confident leading a group.


That rock was just as big and just as heavy as ever! I was ready to throw in the towel and start looking for a job. As a last-ditch attempt and to get someone to hold me accountable, I signed up with a wonderful business mentor who had been my client for a number of years. She had each new client complete a Wealth Dynamics profile prior to working with them, to get clear on where their natural strengths lay. I knew her clients got great results and that she really cared, so I had complete faith she would be able to get me to create and deliver this group programme. Ha!

In our very first session she said ‘So Linda, you’re creating an online programme. And is that because you want to, or because you think you should?’ Pregnant pause ….. ‘Er, what do you mean? I have a choice here? There is another way?’ I gasped. Well that’s a new idea! Apparently I didn’t have to keep pushing the rock up the hill! I could create my biz in a way that feels good to me.


My coach helped me get in touch with what really lights me up, which for me is doing the really deep, intimate work 1-2-1 to get at the roots of self-doubt, procrastination and the often hidden fears around being seen that make you want to hide behind the computer and play small. We go on an adventure into the subconscious, looking for hidden treasure. And we always find gold in there somewhere!

Working together intensively, clients finally feel confident talking about what they do, setting healthy prices and inviting someone to work with them if they’re a good fit, without wobbling or feeling like a fraud. In time they actually get to enjoy the sales and marketing parts of running a business just as much as they enjoy being in sessions with clients. And as a result, they enrol more clients, make more money and an even bigger difference in the world doing what they love.

The shifts clients experience are truly life-changing and go way beyond anything that can be achieved in a group programme – which leaves them, and me, happy, fulfilled and well paid. Now that’s what I call a great business model – doing My Biz My Way!

Read Linda’s post in full HERE at her own website and follow Linda at Twitter.

Dear Linda

Thanks so much for joining in the blogfest fun. As I said above, I love EFT and practise it often and recommend it nearly as often and it’s good to know about you and your services. There’s not much I can add to your post because you have told a story which exactly mirrors what I teach in my book so here it is… my official permission to Relax! Because You’ve Got This.

Your Biz Your Way

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  1. Aaaahhh, Judith, ‘official permission to Relax! Because You’ve Got This’ – so good to hear that from you. Thank you!

    And great to know that you’re an enthusiastic Tapper – it’s a brilliant way to winkle out those Inner Gremlins that are deep in hiding, and make them into willing supporters instead of seeming saboteurs.

    Happy Tapping!

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