Blogfest 26: Lynda Mackie and Her Biz Her Way

Meet Lynda Mackie, the first of my two blogfesters today to create their contribution to blogfest on their Facebook Page. Just like buses, after 25 contributions, two Facebookers come along on the same day! First up, it’s Lynda.

Something different today ….

In a constantly overflowing inbox my weekly newsletter from Judith Morgan is one of only a few that ever gets opened and read. I cannot even remember how I even became connected with Judith or how long ago it was. But when she posted that she was going to run a blogfest inviting 52 contributors to write about how they ran their business their way, I messaged her straight away and said that sounds great Judith … but maybe next time – I am not ready yet.

A message was fired back at me in true Judith style “Are you sure Lynda? What’s holding you back?” So in a year that I am finally stepping out of my comfort zone in so many ways here is only the third blog post I have ever written. Judith has just published her first book Your Biz Your way and the conversation continues on her blog.

Running my biz my way is about rebelling against everything that did not serve me in past businesses. My journey to my biz my way has been an adventure, one that felt decidedly too adventurous at times. Being an entrepreneur was never the plan, but then again I didn’t really have a plan. There have been many businesses in the past, a make up artist at 18 to catering for 200 for an opening night of Skyfall complete with golden painted bond girls.

The biggest lessons were learnt when I opened a sandwich bar with my husband, with no previous experience. After all, I knew how to make a sandwich! Oh my goodness. If I had only had a Judith Morgan back then. I thought that this business was about making nice food that people would want to pay more than what it had cost me to make it.

Fast forward 6 years … I was done in. Emotionally & physically. Years of spinning plates and wearing all the hats and thinking I could do it all better myself had taken their toll. I was spent. During this time on my bookshelf was a copy of the EMyth. Finally with some time on my hands I got round to reading it. And when I realised that it didn’t have to be that way, that it didn’t need to have been so hard all those years, there was some ugly crying.

But what to do next?

Definitely not another physical business. Running that shop had taught me what I don’t want:

– to be tied down to a location

– to have staff – OMG I was a terrible boss

– to work long hours to pay those staff wages

– to not have any money left to pay myself

– to do work that exhausts you and leaves you resentful and joyless.

Long story short – this brought me to Judith. Maybe I could become a business coach for small coffee shop owners? I definitely liked the idea of coaching but ultimately I didn’t FEEL it. Working for small business owners who probably needed me but couldn’t afford to pay anything was not going to work.

Then I heard about something called Health Coaching. This sounded interesting, running a coaching business based around health & food. I had (at 50) now found what I wanted to do when I grew up! After a year’s training, but also entering the emotional rollercoaster of peri-menopause, meant more challenges. How could I put myself out there as a health coach when I was at my heaviest and was not sure which Lynda was ever going to show up on a particular day?

So I got me a health coach. And she stretched me, encouraged me and challenged me. So, unlike all of Judith’s other lovely bloggers so far, I am just starting out on my new adventure. This Girl Is On Fire – where I help women on their own hormotional rollercoaster, women who think they have to settle with feeling like crap all the time to help them find their own path back to their own selves again. And, who knows, maybe inspire them that this is the best time of their lives to go forth and rock it!

My biz my way has led me to become connected to so many inspirational women in the past 18 months, to be able to connect virtually and see that real women are out there running businesses in a way that feels authentic to them. They set their own rules or don’t have any.

My biz my way means freedom, freedom to work the hours I want, freedom to live in a location that inspires me and feeds my soul. To be able to go for walks along the beach any time I want. To watch an episode of Grace & Frankie if that what I need to do.

How wonderful to have a business and a life that feels authentic. This second half of my life is one where I step up, stretch my comfort zone and finally get to have my my biz my way. I can’t wait!

Read this article in full HERE on Lynda’s Facebook Page.

Dear Lynda

I am so glad you decided to join the blogfest with your third article in a year, may it be the first of many more. As I said to you when you sent it to me to preview before publication, it is interesting how the most uncertain bloggers often come through with superior content. Thank you for sharing that with me, us and with Facebook.

I am happy to have played a tiny part in your story, in mostly talking you out of working with coffee-shop owners after you had discovered what a compromised way to earn a living that can be. And that instead you found your authentic business and life. I take no credit for that but I’m chuffed to bits for you. As a Grace & Frankie fan myself, what fantastic role models they are for you, me and your Hormotional Hotties! I do hope we are enjoying life and finding humour in it just like they do – and their beach house wouldn’t half help too, I’m thinking! x


Your Biz Your Way

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