Blogfest 27: Donna Still and Her Biz Her Way

Number 27 on the blogfest bus is Donna Still, the second today to post on her Facebook Page which is an ingenious use of Facebook I reckon, writing at length now and again, that is. Here she is, Donna, The Diamond Detective:

This post was inspired by Judith Morgan who recently published her book Your Biz, Your Way and, as a result, she’s organised a 52 day blogfest on her website.

I first became aware of Judith and her work as a business coach when I became part of her manifesting money magic mastermind group way back when Google groups were all the rage. I also contributed to a book Judith complied relating money stories. Since then I’ve dipped in and out following my varied paths but what I love about Judith is her openness and ease about sharing her knowledge and wisdom in a straightforward no fluff way.

So, I’ve been self-employed in various capacities since 1996. When I began on this journey I never imagined I would be doing what I am now. I began as a painter & decorator after 15 years employed as a permanent night care assistant for elderly mentally infirm residents. Two of us looked after 47 residents during the night while they were supposed to be sleeping. Just so that we are clear, old people sleep more during the day! I’m also mum to four children who are now all adults and grandmother to three boys and a girl.

My initial journey into self-employment began after completing a yearlong full time training course to assist women into the construction industry. While training I continued with the night work and family duties. As I look back now it was a tough 17 years. During that time as a decorator I found time to complete an undergrad and post grad degrees in interior and spatial design and attend other trainings, NLP, Coaching & Marketing to help me with my business development and delivery, such as negotiation skills, and coaching clients through the design process.

Fast-forward to 2010 and I closed my decorating business because it seemed that everyone had tightened their belts due to the wider economic situation and I was looking for a new challenge. I had written and published my first book and felt I’d enjoy speaking more. It turned out my body didn’t like being in such a publicly exposed position and instead of developing the necessary skills I chose to work in the background supporting others to achieve their dreams and aspirations through small business development workshops run from home at my large kitchen table. I really loved the coaching aspects and holding people accountable while helping them find new solutions to old problems.

I continued with my own development travelling to the USA and training with Bob Proctor as a facilitator for the Thinking Into Results program, I loved it as a product of the product as they say. Then began training in energy healing all under the guise of helping my clients to get closer to their core essence, what I call their Diamond Essence. It’s the one thing that runs through everything we do as individuals. The thing, skill or expertise that we possibly take for granted; because it’s so easy for us we don’t attach any value to it.

The more I delved into this area for myself, the more I realised that a great many people experienced similar blockages to business and personal growth. I began searching for tools and techniques that I could use to bypass the conscious mind in ethical ways, ways that would be sustainable in the long term. And, more recently, I began training as a Breathwork facilitator. I never imagined that in the process my business offering would change so dramatically. To run my business my way would mean total change in not only what I was offering but also to whom. You see, even though I had loads of knowledge in the marketing department I always found it harder to do this stuff for myself.

I made a series of decisions that have created the foundation of a more aligned business offering which is now ticking along nicely and developing into what could be termed a fledgling business.
I felt really strongly that for my work to support me and for me to feel authentic in its delivery, I required a set of standards to be met. These standards are the ones that really make my heart sing:

1. I work mostly from home
2. I work mostly with small groups
3. I work with people who are already on the path to developing a wider cosmic conscious awareness
4. I work with a global community
5. I write regularly

They’re quite simple and very sustainable for me.

The reason I chose these is because I love working with small groups of people and I feel I can really offer the best I have without distractions. I love the ability – and feel deeply blessed – to hold the space for major breakthroughs to happen in a very nurturing and supportive way. Also, I’m possibly a bit of a control freak too. Being the owner of the workspace I control the environment better so that every ones needs are met, even mine. I love working with people who are already on the path to developing a deeper awareness of the universe and who are open to learning more about our multidimensional capabilities.

And writing, well, what can I say? As a creator I love time to reflect and develop new programs and training offerings. Writing is a solitary activity that enables me to meet my desire to lock myself away and create new opportunities to share. The more I step into sharing more about my deepest thoughts, my deepest yearnings, the more I’ve connected with others who are looking for that very information.

So now running my biz my way, I offer energy/sound/breath healing sessions in my home based studio two days a week on a pay what you want basis. This continues to be successful and I now have a regular stream of clients who are thrilled at their resulting changes and have subsequently signed up for other offerings at the full price.

I also hold regular group healing circles, group meditations and a one day retreat called ‘I am Enough’ which is all about changing the underlying story that may be preventing an individual from taking that next step. I collaborate with other facilitators and trainers in larger group settings on retreats, conferences and workshops. And I’m working on books for self-publishing. I have written and published 3 books in the past 18 months. The Art Of Effective Communication In A Digital World, 101 Quotes To Think & Grow Rich – Timeless Wisdom From Napoleon Hill, a collaboration with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, and The Divine Nature Of Being, poetry from the flame of devotion. And there’s plenty more where they came from.

I offer one to one Rapid Breakthrough Sessions, Ashati/Reiki energy healing and training over Zoom/Skype to a growing global community.

It has been quite a journey of developing a deeper trust in myself and in the work I deliver because as I see it we are only as good as the results we achieve. If my client is thrilled with their results them I’m happy to continue to deliver that value to them and help them explore more ways in which I can be of greater service.

Read Donna’s article in full HERE on her Facebook Page and give her a like, do.

Dear Donna,

How wonderful to be collaborating with you in a blogfest again, and another which might lead to an anthology. Let’s see!

Wow! Typical Creator, you are full of ideas and, like me too, you split your time between client work and writing. That feeds both halves of the Creator’s soul in all senses.

I am quite bowled over by the choice of healing sessions and circles, meditations, retreats, conferences and workshops, breakthrough sessions and energy healing, writing and grandmothering – you are a veritable Wonderwoman.

It is a journey, isn’t it? That’s perhaps the best bit. That’s our life.

Your Biz Your Way

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  1. Donna Still says:

    yes it is a journey and one that I feel totally at ease with now.
    and maybe over time the offering will just naturally wittle down to a few core ones that really ignite my soul.
    Thank you so much for sharing this opportunity to collaborate again Judith, it has been an absolute pleasure to take the time to reflect on this amazing journey and to realise the fullness of the wisdom available to each and every one of us.