Blogfest 28: Andrea Jordan and Her Biz Her Way

I like to flatter myself I am a digital nomad but I am not in Andrea Jordan’s league! Read on as she asks Are You Running Your Biz Your Way?

When you first start your business it can be tricky to know who to listen to as there is so much information out there and so many people proclaiming themselves as business gurus (#gurufreezone). One person I choose to listen to was Judith Morgan. She’s been a business coach for many years and has run multiple brick and mortar businesses too.

In December she reached her goal of becoming a self-published author with her book Your Biz Your Way. I’m in the midst of reading it and love the format of 52 questions which she answers throughout the book. One of those questions was submitted by me. This article came about from an invitation from Judith to share the story of how I’m doing business my way. In her ever abundant and generous way she’ll be sharing my article on her website and also crafting a reply to my story which I’m looking forward to as she has a great many nuggets of wisdom to share.

Running My Business My Way

For the last 20 months I’ve been a digital nomad, travelling throughout Latin America with my business in my backpack. It’s a different choice for a single woman in her mid-40s who was previously a corporate lawyer (suits & high heels every day), which some of my friends have pointed out.

During my time away I lived in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Argentina and Uruguay, volunteered at five animal shelters and cared for four dogs, 23 cats, four ducks, 13 quails and five chickens while doing various house sits. I also fulfilled a dream of mine by visiting Antarctica.

I have two businesses, although the second one is very new so it doesn’t quite feel like a business yet. The first is all about business strategy. I work with business owners to grow and streamline their business. I think my clients already have the answers so my role is to ask good questions so they can clarify their thoughts and regain confidence in their abilities.

I’m also a photographer; landscapes and wildlife are my passions. You can see my photos in my new online store (I still loving being able to say that I have a store!). Each month I’ll be adding at least one new countryand I’ve travelled to over 50 countries so that will keep me busy for quite some time.

Going Against The Grain

I go against the grain in the way I run my business because I’m usually working from someone else’s dining room table. Maybe a house sit, maybe an Airbnb. It’s been nearly four years since I’ve had a place to call my own. Even though it’s been a wonderful adventure I’m thinking that I’d like to once again have a place of my own. No decision has to be forever.

When you see photos of me, or Facebook Lives I’ve created, you’ll rarely see make-up or my hair perfectly styled.  This was a conscious decision because that’s how I am in real life and it’s  important for me to be to honest in the way that I present myself.  Please don’t ask me to share a selfie. As a photographer I cringe at the result. Maybe one day I’ll do a photo shoot with fabulous make-up and hair, yet you’ll still see photos of me out and about on adventures looking like I could do with a shower and a hair brush.

How do you do business your way?

A Little About Me

In case we haven’t met before…

  • I’m a Kiwi
  • I’d rather be bare foot than wear shoes
  • I’m a dog and a cat person. Don’t ask me to choose. To me that’s a weird kind of question.

Read this article in full at Andrea’s own website HERE and see all her beautiful photos there too. Plus the Facebook pages for those two businesses are Andrea Jordan Business Strategist and Andrea Jordan Photography.

Dear Andrea

Thank you so much for joining in the Blogfest with your characteristically pithy entry, for which I much appreciate you. It is quite a skill being able to express yourself well in fewer words and although each of the stories I’ve published so far is precisely the length it needs to be, I appreciate a woman of fewer words today. This is who I know you to be and this is one of those ways in which you help your clients find their clarity, by cutting away all the fluff. A bit like me in that way!

I am so happy about your photographs coming more to the fore. Of course, I love all the animal ones, who doesn’t? But the ones which attest to your years travelling with your camera are those from your adventures in Latin America. Now that you are “back home” for a while, I wonder what’ll happen next? It is fascinating following your story. One of the main things to come out of this Blogfest so far is the uniqueness of all the individual stories are and how encouraging that is to each of us that we really can have our biz our way and enjoy a wonderful life at the same time, something I am very enthusiastic about for my clients, as you know.

I read this quote recently which put me in mind of you:

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta.

Travelling has turned you into a storyteller and what’s better than that? Oh, I know! A storyteller with a camera.

Your Biz Your Way

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